Not all my shoes are chic!

Fancy cycling shoes

I’ve had these babies for some time now and am looking to replace them soon. There are so many makes and models out there and I have such a hard time detaching design/aesthetic from comfort/performance. I’ve tried to rally up a few pairs that I find blend the two principles together…

At the top of my list are the Mavic Zxenon ;

I saw them at Interbike and couldn’t believe how light they were. I’m no weight weenie { the only scale we have in the house if for weighing pasta and flour } but it really is remarkable how amazing of a material carbon fiber is. Weight aside , they look really clean and have simple styling cues.

Next up are the Bont A-two ;

My man uses Bonts for the Road and the Track and swears by them. The last time I tried them on the smallest size was still too big for me. I don’t think I can fork over the skrillaz for the custom fit option .. so until then these might sit on the lust list.

Lastly are the saucy Diadora Speedracer 2 ;

I had a brief affair with them at Interbike , but I think the honeymoon is over. I rarely marry myself to such a bold accent color , especially with my shoes. For some reason I still kind of dig these.

Any cycle geeksters out there have any suggestions for new shoes? I’m definitely leaning toward the Mavic but I’d like to know what else is good…

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10 thoughts on “Not all my shoes are chic!

  1. I have the sidi women specific and I love those things. I think they are pretty sassy, and chic, which means one can be easily roaming all over the ginormous Marin hills in a dress and sidis, yes please =)
    I havent tried any ‘road-road’ ones, as mine I think are considered on the side (with the square-like spds)
    at any rate, not something I’d use on my everyday rides, but super fun for long long distances
    xxom <3

  2. Bont can make smaller sizes than their smallest stock size. It’s just a special order which takes 4 weeks to make but it costs the same price. They also make bigger shoes than the size 14 which is their biggest.

    • Sigrid, thanks for your input. Secretly I love the *S shoes but am weird and feel conflicted about using *S shoes on a Felt bike. I know. Weird. :p

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