About the Weather

Brunch on bikes

I swore to myself that the day I started talking about the weather I’d stop talking. Well that’s a bit extreme but it did get me thinking about the whole point of this blog and blogging in general.

When I think about the start of this blog {err back in 08?!} I used it primarily to keep in touch with my friends and family while I was living abroad. It eventually evolved into a little space for me to exhibit and explore my interests in both fashion and bicycles. It’s been a great instrument in forming friendships with other people I may have never known existed. And for that reason I love the blogosphere. What I don’t like is that I have lost interest in what I’ve been blogging about over the past year.

Why am I saying all this?  The truth is that keeping up with a blog is a lot more work then I anticipated. It is so much fun and a great creative release. At the moment I just can’t make the time for it as I have in the past. As I get older I find that I’m applying the “quality over quantity” mantra to more aspect of my life then just shoes. I don’t want to be feeding you all bread when there’s fillet mignon on the way. So although I won’t be posting as often I hope to be posting more meaningful and insightful things.

In the mean time I’m quite keen on twitter and you can join in on the fun there if you wish. Also there will be more action happening at cyclechicsundays.com , which is pretty exciting. If you’re a fan of the visual aspect of my blog you can always visit me on Flickr.




7 thoughts on “About the Weather

  1. oh dear, i know a thing or two about time management with the blog. i now have to keep a journal about my posts and things to write about because i forget half the things i want to write about. i know it’s hard to keep a blog focused when you aren’t inspired with the things you usually write about. perhaps a refocus retreat is needed. as a bicycle blogging sister, i’m here to encourage whatever you do. xoxo!

  2. i have come to that same realization that yest quality or quantity :D love your posts so i will be here waiting for the good stuff :D


    • thanks cb. i really want to make more time to read other peoples blogs and absorb whats going on around me. I feel like I get stuck in a hole when I’m focusing on this blog and I dont like it. I want to know more about others and not think so much about myself!

  3. yup. been there. you decide to make it a job and get all professional like, or you accept you won’t have a thousand readers, but get what you want out of it. in the end i choose life over the computer, but always with a tinge of regret for what might have been… i am a bit more competitive i think than i like to admit for myself, it is hard to let it go.

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