From India , With Love

My uncle is currently on a yoga retreat in India. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind snapping a pic or two of bikes while he was there. I was delighted when an email popped up in my inbox containing the following image

The body of his email contained the following note  (which made me laugh since we’ve had lengthy discussions on the topic of “cycle chic” )

I put my pants and boots on for Cycle Chic.  Sorry my  tut tut driver, Sahil lacks a steady hand. ”

I would love to make it to India one day. I’m not sure how my senses would react to all of the colors & aromas – but I have a feeling I’d enjoy it!

Has anyone else been to India? Notice any neat old bikes ? I’d love to know!

  1. I visited India in 1996. Your question prompted me to look at some of the photos I’ve scanned. I wasn’t really looking to photograph bicycles then, but I found a few where the occasional cyclist creeps in. I don’t have any specific memory of cyclists, though. They were more like background noise, ever-present, but not especially notable. The transport stuff I remember was usually more “angry”: the huge transport trucks decorated beyond belief; the noisy and polluting tuk tuks; and the many small families perched precariously on a single scooter, dad, mom, and child alike. Traveling to India engages all sense and emotions, so be prepared for a roller coaster.

    • eva said:

      I’ve heard similar sentiments about the transportation congestion from my Uncle. I think I could handle it as long as there was some recluse and quite at some point!

  2. Emma said:

    I’m so lucky to be going to India next Tuesday. I’m super excited but a little nervous at the same time!

    • eva said:

      How wonderful! I hope you have an amazing trip!!!

  3. i have about a dozen or so great bike pics from india in my world bikes set
    also probably some more in my india album
    I was in northwest india in fall 2008 and thought I’d do a lot of riding but it is a bit way too crazy, so I ended up only riding minimally ….. If you want to ride bikes there, I suggest Mr. Pumpy’s guide to biking india- go south!

  4. Fleda said:

    My friend Aaron Garland connected me with your blog. As it turns out, I recently returned from India where I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. An avid road cyclist, I went nuts for all the different variations of bicycles and snapped many great images of them! Would love to share some with you, if you’d like to see them. Not certain how though. Hm.

    Nice to meet you Eva!

    • eva said:

      Hi Fleda! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment and for sharing about your recent trip to India. I’d be very interested in seeing some of your pictures. Do you have them posted on Flickr or Picasa?

      • Fleda said:

        Please accept my apology Eva. I got your response on my phone and just now was able to remember, while at my computer, to respond. It is amazing how time flies by so very fast.

        Unfortunately, my images are only on my computer or Facebook. If you are on Facebook you are welcome to friend me so you can view the images, but I must warn you there are maybe 6 or seven albums from India there. I’ve yet to have a chance to do just a bike album from India there. Here is the link to my FB page

        If you friend me, I will send you the photo album links so you do not have to hunt for them.

        Thank You
        It is nice to meet you too.

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