Back on the Bike

About 6 months ago my mister injured his back. Now being elite athlete status we all figured he’d bounce back within a few weeks. We were wrong. Turns out what we thought were harmless disc bulges turned out to be much much more.  After 6 months of PT , deep tissue massages , and check up after check up – he was able to get on his bike and take a light spin.

back on the bike

Unless you or someone you love / have lived with has ever had a back injury you might not understand the joy a moment like this brings into your life. For both of us it was such an uplifting experience. For my man it means he can get back on track to pursuing his dreams of National championships and a possible shot at London in 2012. For me it means that our social life has returned and that bike dates are back!

lunchtime bike date !

Today was such a good day. The best in a long long time. xo

  1. Sigrid said:

    back issues suck, I know first hand. but biking doesn’t, and neither do long rides in a kit. all the best!

  2. eva said:

    Thanks Sigrid. It’s good to know that others have gone through the same ordeal.

  3. Hooray. Love that last photo and paragraph. Happy bike dates and best of luck to your mister!

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