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Last night at our weekly $2-off-WholeFoods-salad-bar-dinner-party meet-up my dear friend Meredith gifted me with this hilarious ( and appropriate )  patch. We all had a good laugh over it but then quickly began to wonder if this club still exists. I haven’t been able to find any evidence so I’m putting the call out to you guys!

Anyone know of this club , if it exists , where it’s based out of , who started it??


  1. From what I’ve seen, it was a bike touring club/organization active during the bike boom era of the 60′s and 70′s. I’ve found a couple of listings in old bike books. I’ll go back and dig…

    (and I like your blog!)

  2. More info!
    The International Bicycle Touring Club was founded in 1964 by a Clifford Graves. It/he was based out of La Jolla (that’s in California!) Sounds like the tours they did were supported–hotels, sag wagon, and the like. (Back in the day “bike touring” had different connotations than “bike camping”, though nowadays it’s all called bike touring.)

    He self-published a book in 1985 (?) titled “My Life on Two Wheels”. Definitely rare and out of print (Amazon sells it from $50 to $250!) but sounds like an interesting read. A write up can be found here:
    I think a couple San Diego libraries might have it in circulation.

    The International Bicycle Touring Club morphed into the Bicycle Adventure Club in 1984. It is still active, and based in San Diego:

    Your fact-checking cuz,
    (aka adventure!)

    • eva said:

      Wowzaaaaz! Thanks so much for all of the fact checking! I will add that book to my look out list while im thrifting. :-)

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