Board track race bike statue

A few weekends ago I was turned onto the Inspiration trade show. Founded by Rin Tanaka ( the man behind the My Freedamn! series ) the trade show was indeed packed full of vintage moto , surf and military inspiration. Seeing as I am the proud owner of a vintage car myself – this show was all the more interesting to me. Alongside the endless displays of Triumphs and impressive selection of old motorcycle boots were a few bike themed goodies. The image above depicts a board track race (click here to see these bikes in action ) Other goodies included classic Monark cruisers , printed musette bags , old bike and car magazine and even a bike lane necklace. And since I’m still a surfer at heart there were plenty of boards , wetsuits , and art to check out.

Bicycle speedometer

Musette bag bike illustration

Beach bummzzz

Queen Mary

Bikes at the Queen Mary

It was nice to get a little jolt of inspiration and explore the world outside of the bike industry. You can see a neat video recap of the event on their website here.

This show really piqued my interest in life and inspiration outside of the bike world. It may or may not shape the future of this blog ..


Huff & Puffers

Last night at our weekly $2-off-WholeFoods-salad-bar-dinner-party meet-up my dear friend Meredith gifted me with this hilarious ( and appropriate )  patch. We all had a good laugh over it but then quickly began to wonder if this club still exists. I haven’t been able to find any evidence so I’m putting the call out to you guys!

Anyone know of this club , if it exists , where it’s based out of , who started it??


About 6 months ago my mister injured his back. Now being elite athlete status we all figured he’d bounce back within a few weeks. We were wrong. Turns out what we thought were harmless disc bulges turned out to be much much more.  After 6 months of PT , deep tissue massages , and check up after check up – he was able to get on his bike and take a light spin.

back on the bike

Unless you or someone you love / have lived with has ever had a back injury you might not understand the joy a moment like this brings into your life. For both of us it was such an uplifting experience. For my man it means he can get back on track to pursuing his dreams of National championships and a possible shot at London in 2012. For me it means that our social life has returned and that bike dates are back!

lunchtime bike date !

Today was such a good day. The best in a long long time. xo

My uncle is currently on a yoga retreat in India. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind snapping a pic or two of bikes while he was there. I was delighted when an email popped up in my inbox containing the following image

The body of his email contained the following note  (which made me laugh since we’ve had lengthy discussions on the topic of “cycle chic” )

I put my pants and boots on for Cycle Chic.  Sorry my  tut tut driver, Sahil lacks a steady hand. ”

I would love to make it to India one day. I’m not sure how my senses would react to all of the colors & aromas – but I have a feeling I’d enjoy it!

Has anyone else been to India? Notice any neat old bikes ? I’d love to know!

I am so happy to be linked in to such a wonderful industry and have a job where I get to excite people on the idea of riding bikes. This little creative tidbit is just one of the ways I’ve been able to spread the word about the ease and joy of riding bikes….



see the full ad and read some really fantastic articles click here.


P.S. Posting will be sporadic over the next month. As one friend put it I will be clearing up some gigabytes in this mind of mine to help me focus on things I’ve been neglecting…thanks for your understanding and Happy Monday! xo

Fancy cycling shoes

I’ve had these babies for some time now and am looking to replace them soon. There are so many makes and models out there and I have such a hard time detaching design/aesthetic from comfort/performance. I’ve tried to rally up a few pairs that I find blend the two principles together…

At the top of my list are the Mavic Zxenon ;

I saw them at Interbike and couldn’t believe how light they were. I’m no weight weenie { the only scale we have in the house if for weighing pasta and flour } but it really is remarkable how amazing of a material carbon fiber is. Weight aside , they look really clean and have simple styling cues.

Next up are the Bont A-two ;

My man uses Bonts for the Road and the Track and swears by them. The last time I tried them on the smallest size was still too big for me. I don’t think I can fork over the skrillaz for the custom fit option .. so until then these might sit on the lust list.

Lastly are the saucy Diadora Speedracer 2 ;

I had a brief affair with them at Interbike , but I think the honeymoon is over. I rarely marry myself to such a bold accent color , especially with my shoes. For some reason I still kind of dig these.

Any cycle geeksters out there have any suggestions for new shoes? I’m definitely leaning toward the Mavic but I’d like to know what else is good…

Bike love at anthropologieOK – so I lied just a little bit when I said I took a blogging break .. I can never fully turn it off. I’m always on the hunt for cutesie bike-inspired tidbits and this fragrance set from Anthrolopogie was just too cute!

How is it possible that out of the 5 different scents that the bikey one would also include two of my favorite scents – tuberose and bergamont! I think I know where I’m going when my Garden of Good & Eva runs out!

More info on the fragrance is here.


After spending a better part of my Monday driving from SF to OC my partner in crime and I decided to stretch our legs , sun our faces and nibble’n'nosh our way around lalaland. With bikes in tow we cruised the boardwalk from Venice to Santa Monica. Took a consumerlicious stroll down Abbot Kinney. Navigated the tangled mess of freeways and surface streets up to Silverlake {to sip on delish lattes at intelligentsia} & finally ending the day at the ramen house of all ramen houses, Daikokuya , in Korea Town

{ Venice bike path }

Venice boardwalk

{ Delightfully decadent shopping on Abbot Kinney }

Vintage goods on abbot kinney blvd

{ jittery feet waiting in line at Intelligentsia for lattes }

Fancy feet at intelligencia

{ mmMMmmmMMM ramen from Daikokuya }


It was an amazing day and quite possibly the most perfect way to wind down 2010. Thanks to my LA locs for showing us around and making it a most memorable experience! I hope to get a chance to steal away more often this year.


Pen pals

The start of a new year tends to have a very productive effect on me. Although I’m not one for resolutions – I like to take this time of year to reflect on my mega massive to-do list {a.k.a life}. Towards the top of said list is a line item that reads “write more letters , to more people , more often”. It’s a simple enough goal – yet it still sits there, in squiggly scribbly chicken scratch, in my moleskin. So it’s time to me to brush up on my penmanship and re introduce myself to Miriam Webster and get to gettin’

Now of course I had to find the perfect stationary. Luckily the charming Japanese bookstore down the street is chock full of fantastic paper , envelopes , etc. After weighing in on all the options I settled on the above air mail set and these adorable bicycle paper clips {!!!} …


Bicycle paper clips

So to being motivated … and keeping in touch … and writing/drawing silly things for some awesome people!


What a wonderful feeling to see the looks on my brothers faces when they realized they had all received new bikes for Christmas! Since they are all city boys I figured some fixies would be good so we got em the Brougham in Chrome and Raw. For the youngest one we picked out a black Xcity … till he gets his chops riding in SF he will definitely need more gears and a freewheel. Tree and bikes

These new additions rounded up the rest of the family fleet quite nicely. My mom finally got her new Cafe24 deluxe and my dad has his Speed30. The only thing missing was my Cafe3! There wasn’t enough room on the hitch rack to bring it so I had to leave her at home. Luckily my mom was kind enough to lend me her new bike to take a ride around the quaint town of Half Moon Bay. There are more pictures on my flickr of that ride.
Family of Felts

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Did anyone else get / give a bike? If so what was the reaction?


my little brother took this picture of me one day while we were riding bikes through costa mesa. it may have been his first time using a slr camera and i’m rather impressed with the artistic composition of the snap. usually i’d pass over a head-cropped-out-of-frame shot , but i kind of dig this one. thanks for the snap and the bike ride around town dom – you’re pretty cool for a little guy.


Enough about Gumby {at least for today} and onto my brand new bike! I’ve been waiting anxiously for it to arrive – and once it did I was over the moon with excitement. As you can see the bright cheery Robin Egg color pays a nice compliment to my bright and bold taste in clothing. She’s a smooth operator and I’m loving that I have the handlebar coffee cup holder back in my life! All she needs is a pretty front basket and I’ll be good to go!

I’m so pleased with the way the bike turned out and am looking forward to rolling around town on it!

New Bike!Tartan plaid panda

My dear friend had her baby shower this afternoon. It seemed fitting to buy a gift that would be sure to fit in the front basket of my bike. So after browsing the baby isles I was able to ensemble a gift bag of simple and practical gifts.
baby shower basket

Since it was yet another phenomenal day in SoCal I took to opportunity to dress in a light spring-time dress and swap a winter coat for a pair of sunglasses …

blue dress

The afternoon resulted in the consumption of too many home made sweets , a few rounds of “baby” themed trivia games & a few glasses of bubbly. Needless to say the latter made for an exceptionally silly ride home

Last night some friends and I made the trek from Orange County up to lovely Los Angeles to meet up with the fantastic folks from Momentum Magazine for social group ride.

We met at Flying Pigeon and mingled a bit while we waited for the Momentum crew to make their way through the infamous LA traffic


As always there was the requisite groupie picture taking moments. Miss Mia of Momentum on the left & Miss Crystal [curator of fine bikes] on the right


After everyone got their lights set up , saddle heights dailed in , and warm coats on we were off!
Momentum_Ride_LA04LA overpass – one of many we crossed that night


We also made a smelly yet scenic stop at the LA Confluence. I had never been  there before and had a blast scaling the steep retaining walls to get a better view of the Arroyo Seco & LA River


On our way back towards Figueroa the group made a pit stop at Good Girl dinette . We had already eaten so we opted out on the Vietnamese goodies inside. Instead we rode a bit more then turned in the night


It was such a pleasure getting to ride with Mia & the Momentum crew! If you are in the San Diego area they will be doing a similar ride tonight. Click Here for info.



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