This image inspired my new hair cut I’m currently sporting

While this image has me desperately searching for a pair of black heeled boots {with a buckle}

{image sources unknown}


my little brother took this picture of me one day while we were riding bikes through costa mesa. it may have been his first time using a slr camera and i’m rather impressed with the artistic composition of the snap. usually i’d pass over a head-cropped-out-of-frame shot , but i kind of dig this one. thanks for the snap and the bike ride around town dom – you’re pretty cool for a little guy.


Just in time for the holidays the lovelies from Copenhagen Cycle Chic have released THE CYCLE CHIC 2011 CALENDAR

Cycle Chic Calendar 2011

I love how in a city where the bike lanes are so dense with cyclists – Mikael is able to capture moments of peaceful isolation.

The following are some of my favorite months …
Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011

I blushed when Mr. Cycle Chic asked me to be Miss April .. well not like Miss April {insert cat-call here} but the image for the month of April. It further validated my belief that the Tour de Chic was the best experience of my life!

Cycle Chic Calendar 2011

So head on over to CYCLE CHIC on LuLu to get your copy. It’s a lot better then looking at iCalendar or that crummy pixelated planner on your smartphone ;-)

Enough about Gumby {at least for today} and onto my brand new bike! I’ve been waiting anxiously for it to arrive – and once it did I was over the moon with excitement. As you can see the bright cheery Robin Egg color pays a nice compliment to my bright and bold taste in clothing. She’s a smooth operator and I’m loving that I have the handlebar coffee cup holder back in my life! All she needs is a pretty front basket and I’ll be good to go!

I’m so pleased with the way the bike turned out and am looking forward to rolling around town on it!

New Bike!Tartan plaid panda

My dear friend had her baby shower this afternoon. It seemed fitting to buy a gift that would be sure to fit in the front basket of my bike. So after browsing the baby isles I was able to ensemble a gift bag of simple and practical gifts.
baby shower basket

Since it was yet another phenomenal day in SoCal I took to opportunity to dress in a light spring-time dress and swap a winter coat for a pair of sunglasses …

blue dress

The afternoon resulted in the consumption of too many home made sweets , a few rounds of “baby” themed trivia games & a few glasses of bubbly. Needless to say the latter made for an exceptionally silly ride home

Last night some friends and I made the trek from Orange County up to lovely Los Angeles to meet up with the fantastic folks from Momentum Magazine for social group ride.

We met at Flying Pigeon and mingled a bit while we waited for the Momentum crew to make their way through the infamous LA traffic


As always there was the requisite groupie picture taking moments. Miss Mia of Momentum on the left & Miss Crystal [curator of fine bikes] on the right


After everyone got their lights set up , saddle heights dailed in , and warm coats on we were off!
Momentum_Ride_LA04LA overpass – one of many we crossed that night


We also made a smelly yet scenic stop at the LA Confluence. I had never been  there before and had a blast scaling the steep retaining walls to get a better view of the Arroyo Seco & LA River


On our way back towards Figueroa the group made a pit stop at Good Girl dinette . We had already eaten so we opted out on the Vietnamese goodies inside. Instead we rode a bit more then turned in the night


It was such a pleasure getting to ride with Mia & the Momentum crew! If you are in the San Diego area they will be doing a similar ride tonight. Click Here for info.


While thumbing through the Sept 2010 issue of W I was intrigued by the number of bikes I saw in various ad campaigns. From Michale Kors to Saks Fifth Avenue the bicycles instantly add a sense of cool to the vignettes. Although I am in the bikes-as-extensions-of-everyday-life camp , the following snaps sure help demonstrate how fashionably they can be…

—– Read More


Floppy hat – check

Kohl lined eyes – check

Patchwork dress – check

It may not be a standard bike but Bridget Bardot was not your standard woman. A muse to many , sex symbol to even more and a style icon.  She is the embodiment of  feminine mystique.

It’s too bad I’m too chicken to ever go blond.



It’s finally here! cicLAvia is happening today in LA and I could not be more excited! Some friends and I are headed up there for a full day of cycling  and socializing. I’ve heard that there will be some amazing food along the 7.5 mile route!!!

I get to try out a new bike today too [a Cafe 8 deluxe] – so I feel like I should dress up a little to match this classy green beauty

Luckily I came across a super cute skirt and a pair of peach colored satin pumps at the charity shop yesterday. The skirt is a little too big to wear at the hips so I’m trying it out as a dress instead.
cycle chic sunday outfit

I paired it with some lacey bike inspired undershorts from H&M , defined the waist line with a vintage blue belt, added a light weight yellow cardigan, and topped it all off with my favorite HEM “DEN” bag
lacey shorts

belt detail


I feel fun & fancy and ready to hit the streets of cicLAvia in style!

If you are headed out there keep a look out for my peachy colored pumps & a pretty green bike!


The remainder of my final day in Copenhagen was spent being chauffeured around in M C-A’s iconic red Bullit bike.

VIP courier service

Naturally we headed straight to the birthplace of the Bullit bike, Larry vs. Harry. I remember the first time I saw one of these bikes on the Cycle Chic blog .. it was at the beginning of my fascination with cargo bikes and I loved all the fantastic themes given to the different models {in particular the “little boy” and the “clockwork” }

Larry vs. Harry

The inside of the shop was very simple ; a few bikes on display , some hanging on the wall {like the one below} , a map of Europe on the wall and just enough space for a very tall man with a very small macbook {at least small in comparison} While we were sitting around chewing the fat a very enthusiastic British woman stopped by for a peek around. She had never seen a cargo bike and was absolutely amazed with the design of the Bullit bikes. It reminded me of my initial reaction when I first saw them – it was nice to see someone else feel the same way

Larry Vs. Harry

After bidding farewell to Harry we headed back towards Istegade to have a quick bike to eat before I boarded the train back to Germany

view from the bullit
view from the bullit

At one point we made a game of zapping helmets off of cyclists as they passed by.

*Disclaimer* No cyclists were hurt in the following image


Sadly the day came to an end too quickly and I found myself back at the train station. Luckily there were lots of pretty bikes to look at and a nice set of steps to sit on across the street from the Tivoli.

central station parking lot

I have this funny thing when I’m traveling about being on time {Ok, i’ll be honest it’s not just when I’m traveling} However I’m also an explorer and probably too active and curious for my own good. Somehow , subconsciously , I schedule my days with a built in 20 minute grace period so I can stop and smell the roses. Even if I have no where in particular to go or nothing to see I still like to have the option of a few extra minutes just in case I pass something cool or want to stop to take some snaps. Luckily I really wanted to sit and study the commuting population of Copenhagen , particularly those taking their bikes on the train. I think it deserves a post of it’s own {which will follow at a later date}

bike n train

I also had lots of time to sit and jot down some notes on my experience in Copenhagen and ideas for the future


As the train approached the Baltic Sea I bid farewell to Denmark

leaving Denmark by train

I had never taken a train on a barge – which is what the route called for – I was surprised when I heard the announcement that we all had to vacate the train and head for the upper decks of the ship! For a second I thought the red wine from the night before had crept back up into my head! The train did in fact go onto the barge and I made my way up a narrow stair case to a table at the very front of the ship.

im on a boat!

I anticipated rain upon my arrival in Germany , and I was right. I arrived in Oldenburg around midnight and was greeted at the train station by my friend.

As much as I wanted to sleep that night – I sat and stared at the ceiling , wondering if this trip was reality. In my sleep deprived , go-go-go state of mind it all seemed like a dream….

Day 2 in Copenhagen started bright and early , as I wanted to get a first hand experience with the morning bicycle ‘traffic’ . Naturally I headed over to Nørrebrogade to see the blue lanes usher in loads of cyclists into the city.

morning rush hour

Within the first few minutes I sighted a rather striking pair of striped stockings…So quintessentially Copenhagen

nice tights

After sitting and watching the sea of bikes I became antsy and had to get back on my bike and explore. I headed across the bridge into Nørrebro and cruised leisurely along the right hand side of the bike lane { bike etiquette 101 – when riding in rush hour bike traffic as a tourist – stick to the right hand side of the bike lane!!!} As I passed a colorful cross section of retail , food , and bike shops I noticed a familiar sight. The iconic yellow wall featured as a bold backdrop in many a Cycle Chic photo…

yellow wall CPH

After spending a few hours tripping around Nørrebro I headed back towards the city center to meet up with Mikael at Kaffe Kalaset {#46 in Copenhagen Cycle Tracks}


From there we headed “into to town”


The weather {contrary to the news reports} forced us to momentarily head for shelter , mostly to protect our precious cameras. Luckily we had arrived at the Round Tower . A entertaining fact that they might not mention on the tourist site… apparently the king at the time was famously lazy and refused to schlep up stairs – so he ordered the tower be built with a spiral ramp so he could be carted to the top by horse drawn carriage. We were not so lucky to have a pair of horses cart us up to the top – so we walked our slightly dampened selves to the top – just in time for the rain to stop


Surprisingly I was not in the mood for shopping – plus the streets were packed – so we headed off to see more iconic Copenhagen sights


The name of this street has escaped me , but it was full of fantastic boutiques , cafes , and vintage shops.


Passed by a charming backyard and stopped to take a peek


In search of a suitable lunch spot we ended up passing by one of the most beautiful scenes in the city , Nyhavn. Mikael explained to me how in the summer months young people come down here on their cargo bikes and sell refreshments and wares to tourists. I definitely would not have minded sitting along the canal , selling snacks , and people watching. I mean, seriously?! So beautiful!

TourdeChic_CPH14Continuing on the hunt for lunch we passed by the European Union building and it’s fabulous floral map of Europe. It reminded me a little of the walls outside the Prada building in Tokyo {although if my memory serves me right, the walls there were mostly moss, but wicked none the less}


Lunch was had and followed by another cup of coffee or in this case a LOVEly latte. I sat and sipped as the sun slowly made it’s way onto our table. One thing I learned is that Copenhagen’rs have an uncanny ability to coordinate their cafe seating , location , and drink order all with the sun. They really so worship that big fire ball – and take every chance they get to sit and bask in it’s warmth.

I <3 CPHAfter coffee I headed back out on my own to check out Islands Brygge. I was still a bit unsure of the weather but things worked out in my favor and made for some fantastic lighting. I rode across Amager Boulevard with several other commuting Copenhagen’rs the took a right to ride along the waters edge.


I was to ride to the pedestrian/bike bridge and take it back towards the train station then onto my hotel. I was so amazed that there was a bridge solely dedicated to pedestrians & cyclists

TourdeChic_CPH21Separate but equal in the best sense of the term. Bikes on the left / Pedestrians on the Right


I headed back to my hotel right as the sun set on the day. It was a perfect day and I enjoyed a quite evening preparing for my last day in Copenhagen…

Stay Tuned …


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