Thank you!

I just received this thoughtful thank you note in the mail and immediately put it up on my pinboard. It will be a daily reminder to me that even though I am not able to get on my bike everyday that it will always be there and will always be fun.



Board track race bike statue

A few weekends ago I was turned onto the Inspiration trade show. Founded by Rin Tanaka ( the man behind the My Freedamn! series ) the trade show was indeed packed full of vintage moto , surf and military inspiration. Seeing as I am the proud owner of a vintage car myself – this show was all the more interesting to me. Alongside the endless displays of Triumphs and impressive selection of old motorcycle boots were a few bike themed goodies. The image above depicts a board track race (click here to see these bikes in action ) Other goodies included classic Monark cruisers , printed musette bags , old bike and car magazine and even a bike lane necklace. And since I’m still a surfer at heart there were plenty of boards , wetsuits , and art to check out.

Bicycle speedometer

Musette bag bike illustration

Beach bummzzz

Queen Mary

Bikes at the Queen Mary

It was nice to get a little jolt of inspiration and explore the world outside of the bike industry. You can see a neat video recap of the event on their website here.

This show really piqued my interest in life and inspiration outside of the bike world. It may or may not shape the future of this blog ..


I’m still on break from my blog – but if you are interested in keeping up with what I’m up to on the interwebs I suggest you check me out on Pintrest. During this whirlwind time of my life the year  Pintrest was just the thing I needed to keep my inspiration documented and sorted. It’s like a well designed and user friendly tumblr { plus it’s linked to real life people – who give’a'damn about what they post! } and credit is always posted where credit is due!

My presence is meager at the moment – but there are many seasoned vets { OhJoy! & SFgirlbybay } who have immaculately curated boards.



I am so happy to be linked in to such a wonderful industry and have a job where I get to excite people on the idea of riding bikes. This little creative tidbit is just one of the ways I’ve been able to spread the word about the ease and joy of riding bikes….



see the full ad and read some really fantastic articles click here.


P.S. Posting will be sporadic over the next month. As one friend put it I will be clearing up some gigabytes in this mind of mine to help me focus on things I’ve been neglecting…thanks for your understanding and Happy Monday! xo

Pen pals

The start of a new year tends to have a very productive effect on me. Although I’m not one for resolutions – I like to take this time of year to reflect on my mega massive to-do list {a.k.a life}. Towards the top of said list is a line item that reads “write more letters , to more people , more often”. It’s a simple enough goal – yet it still sits there, in squiggly scribbly chicken scratch, in my moleskin. So it’s time to me to brush up on my penmanship and re introduce myself to Miriam Webster and get to gettin’

Now of course I had to find the perfect stationary. Luckily the charming Japanese bookstore down the street is chock full of fantastic paper , envelopes , etc. After weighing in on all the options I settled on the above air mail set and these adorable bicycle paper clips {!!!} …


Bicycle paper clips

So to being motivated … and keeping in touch … and writing/drawing silly things for some awesome people!


Happy New Year! xo,

Can you believe that 2010 is finally coming to a close? I can’t! This year was one of the most eventful and memorable years of my life. When I take a moment to look back I can’t help but realize that this little blog was a catalyst to so many of my experiences. It’s been such a pleasure connecting with folks both near and far. And a super pleasure getting the opportunities to visit those who live farther!

I am eager with anticipation of what 2011 will have in store for me. I don’t like to stand still so moving forward is the only option my dears! I’ve had a lot of time to stew on all of this bloggy stuff and decided that I will continue on through 2011. I have lots of fun things planned for this little corner of the internet along with some projects my man will be helping out on.

So, I hope wherever it is that you’re reading this you are gearing up for {or have already had} an exciting New Years celebration. Hugs and wifi smoochies for everyone!


Have you noticed those lovely little links sitting pretty over there on the right? —–>

Well they are there for a reason , they are links to sites that inspire me beyond belief. There is one in particular that always picks me up no matter how crumby my mood is or how run down I am. And of course it would belong to one of the most inspirational and kind hearted ladies I’ve come across during this journey of life. I’m talking about  The Daylight written/curated by the lovely and talented Miss Laura.

With her feet firmly planted in art history and her head perfectly perched in the world of interior design – Laura’s blog is a mash up of fine art & amazing interior suggestions/inspirations. Her aesthetic is clean , bright and funky. She’ll dig up the most interesting textures and pair them with fabulously bold and unexpected colors.

I love seeing those little tweet alerts saying she’s got a new post up because I know I’m in store for a treat. I am especially fond of her posts that include sun drenched shades of citrus and turquoise {which she just so happens to look fabulous in!} because those colors instantly set my eyes a dancin and my mind a tinkering!

Now don’t be fooled – she is no novice when it comes to art history. With a degree in the subject {plus a recent ID degree} her commentary is just as beautiful and well crafted as the works of art and fine furniture she posts about. So head on over to The Daylight , grab a cup of tea and prepare to spend some time oogling over beautiful art and home decor.

And since she’s my friend and we were pseudo neighbors we got to ride bikes around town over the summer. On one ride I managed to get a snap of her and the general consensus is that it’s the quintessential so cal lifestyle shot. sandals , wavy sun-kissed hair , beach cruising on a shaded suburban street …

As I type she’s on a trek from sunny socal up to rainy Seattle to start a new chapter of her life and start her career in the world of interior design. She has lots of fun plans for her blog {and her future!} … so I’d highly recommend adding her to your reader or bookmarks or following her on twitter!


Enough about Gumby {at least for today} and onto my brand new bike! I’ve been waiting anxiously for it to arrive – and once it did I was over the moon with excitement. As you can see the bright cheery Robin Egg color pays a nice compliment to my bright and bold taste in clothing. She’s a smooth operator and I’m loving that I have the handlebar coffee cup holder back in my life! All she needs is a pretty front basket and I’ll be good to go!

I’m so pleased with the way the bike turned out and am looking forward to rolling around town on it!

New Bike!Tartan plaid panda

While thumbing through the Sept 2010 issue of W I was intrigued by the number of bikes I saw in various ad campaigns. From Michale Kors to Saks Fifth Avenue the bicycles instantly add a sense of cool to the vignettes. Although I am in the bikes-as-extensions-of-everyday-life camp , the following snaps sure help demonstrate how fashionably they can be…

—– Read More


Floppy hat – check

Kohl lined eyes – check

Patchwork dress – check

It may not be a standard bike but Bridget Bardot was not your standard woman. A muse to many , sex symbol to even more and a style icon.  She is the embodiment of  feminine mystique.

It’s too bad I’m too chicken to ever go blond.



GP course of the Nurburgring

What an ironic turn of events my Tour de Chic took when I arrived back in Germany. When it comes to taking chances, I feel like I’m pretty open. And after spending the past week traveling solo – I had built up a little more confidence in my decision making skills. Now, I’m not claiming to be “Eva Knievel” but what I experienced on the Nürburgring was pretty exhilarating and probably the closest thing I’ll have to a “Knieval” experience.  Just a lil’ disclaimer the following post has nothing to do with bikes {sorry!} .. but it is pretty freaking awesome and I’m hoping that some of you will enjoy it!

When my German friends told me that my euro trip conveniently lined up with their annual trip to the Nürburgring I got excited. When they told me that I had the option of riding in their vintage cars on the actual ring , I was ecstatic. OK , ok – I was a little scared , but also realized that this was quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity , so I gladly accepted.

I was relieved to hear that they would be towing the cars on trailers for the 5+ hour southbound drive. The first time I went to the ‘ring’ back in ’08 the bf & I drove down separately in our beloved Peugeot wagon while our friends drove in their vintage beauties. The drive down was lovely … the drive back however was plagued with rain and cold. Needless to say I was happy knowing that I would be sitting pretty in a fully enclosed vehicle in the [likely] event of rain!
Bently on the trailerBently on the trailerWe arrived with time to take the cars out for a spin on the GP course. I was ready and raring to go! woo hoo let me at em! Just kidding! There was no way I’d be driving one of those machines!

"Driving"I spent most of the weekend riding around in the 1933 Talbot pictured below. I’m no car expert – but I do know that this car is a true beauty and quite quick!

Getting ready to rideI also got to take a few [mind numbingly quick] laps on the long course in this 1925 Bentley.

vrooomI left the driving up to my trusted [and well trained] friends.  We rolled out onto the GP course right as a light rain shower started. Surprisingly I was not as nervous as I thought I would be and had an absolute BLAST on the first lap!

Driving the Talbot
Dash of the TalbotAfter taking a few laps on the GP course I felt more at ease about the whole idea of racing in vintage autos. So I accepted the invitation to take a few laps in the Bently on the long course the next day. After a familiar breakfast of bread , nutella & coffee I was ready to go

nutella , roll , coffee , perfectionWithin the first few meters on the long course I knew I was in for a completely different experience then that on the GP course the day before. The Bentley was fast. Ok fast doesn’t do a justice to it’s speed. On the straightaways I felt like my stomach was balled up in my throat and my big ol’ helmeted head was stuck to the headrest. The following snap was just about all I saw for the first lap…

dash of the BentlyAfter the initial fright was gone I courageously sat more upright and actually enjoyed the view and experience I was having

Nurburgring Long CourseBy the last lap I was considerably more at ease and even tried to capture a portrait of my pilot zipping along in the rear view mirror.

behind the wheelAfter we were finished with our laps I stood on the side of the course and snapped a few shots of the other cars on the track

Talbot on the long course

I could write so much more about my weekend at the Nürburgring , but this is not a vintage car blog and I feel the need to return to my 2 wheeled roots. I know I’ve been off the back posting here but it’s been for good reasons which will be announced on this Monday.

I’m happy to be home from my Tour de Chic and holiday at the Nürburgring. I’m going to try my hand at a few different posting styles for the next few weeks. Hopefully they’ll be exciting and you’ll enjoy them!


While riding through the charming neighborhoods of downtown Huntington Beach a true gem of a house caught my eye.

From the bold color choices to the delicate woodwork – Victorian era homes have always resonated with me well. I credit most of my interest to the San Franciscan blood that run through my veins. You can take the girl out of the city – but never the city out of the girl!

victorian 10

This one was particularly exquisite. Every room was decorated in a different color scheme with the most elaborate wall paper and fixtures. I was stunned to learn that the home was built a mere 20 year ago and took over $4 million to create.

That is a lot of money – and I’ll let you be the judge if it was well spent…..

victorian 02

victorian 03

victorian 07

victorian 05victorian 06victorian 09
victorian 04

victorian 01

Sadly my adventure through the house was for an Estate Sale. I don’t know why but those always make me feel a bit unsettled. I cherish the items that I find at Estate Sales. Some of my favorite {and most durable} furniture has been purchased at them. Though, I always wonder how the families  can part with so many of their departed’s  possessions?

On a lighter note – this house went for sale and I’m crossing my fingers that who ever moves in will turn it into a B&B or a Tea House! Can you imagine how regal and fancy it would be to have afternoon tea in one of those rooms?! Sigh .. a girl can dream …


I thought it would be funny to kind of reinvent the standard ‘bike kit’ { which usually consists of severely matching lycra shorts and jersey , helmet , shoes , socks, glasses and water bottles } and make it into something more fun , fancy , and maybe even a little fashionable {?!} And since I’m a nerd for giving things silly names { well trying to at least } I have dubbed these ” Kitted “

Since the loss of my beloved camera – I have been at somewhat of a standstill with putting together fun and exciting posts. I’m terribly visual and the thought of posting loads of copy with no eye candy does not appeal to me.

Therefore I have tried my hand at what many other fashion bloggers do by posting a round up of various goddies with a common theme.

This week’s theme is plucked straight off the printing press and onto your screen

{  CMYK 3- speed beach cruiser $349 }

for your nails { via fuckyeahprettynails }

for your walls { via ManVSink on etsy }

for your feet { Jellys by Steve Madden }


I’m such a nervous nancy about giving proper credits – so the link to the image holder will always be the click-thru link on the image itself.

Have a great weekend!



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