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My presence is meager at the moment – but there are many seasoned vets { OhJoy! & SFgirlbybay } who have immaculately curated boards.



Not all my shoes are chic!

Fancy cycling shoes

I’ve had these babies for some time now and am looking to replace them soon. There are so many makes and models out there and I have such a hard time detaching design/aesthetic from comfort/performance. I’ve tried to rally up a few pairs that I find blend the two principles together…

At the top of my list are the Mavic Zxenon ;

I saw them at Interbike and couldn’t believe how light they were. I’m no weight weenie { the only scale we have in the house if for weighing pasta and flour } but it really is remarkable how amazing of a material carbon fiber is. Weight aside , they look really clean and have simple styling cues.

Next up are the Bont A-two ;

My man uses Bonts for the Road and the Track and swears by them. The last time I tried them on the smallest size was still too big for me. I don’t think I can fork over the skrillaz for the custom fit option .. so until then these might sit on the lust list.

Lastly are the saucy Diadora Speedracer 2 ;

I had a brief affair with them at Interbike , but I think the honeymoon is over. I rarely marry myself to such a bold accent color , especially with my shoes. For some reason I still kind of dig these.

Any cycle geeksters out there have any suggestions for new shoes? I’m definitely leaning toward the Mavic but I’d like to know what else is good…


Took a mini blogging/web break over the weekend cause let’s face it – there’s no blog post in the world that can replace lounging poolside with the girls under the hot desert sun.

I may be back to the daily grind but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jonesen for a coconut mojito and a cannonball right about now …

Meli & Me

waaaaaaaaay back in November I headed up north to my home turf to check out the SF Bike Expo. It was exciting for a few different reasons ;
1. Got to see mi familia
2. Got to road trip it with some out-of-towners
3. Finally (!!!) got a chance to meet all the lovely and inspirational bay area bikey blogging babes!

There are a few really nice event wrap ups and posts on Bikes and the City , CYLRAB and SacCycleChic.
{since I was on business I didn’t really run amok snapping pictures}

before you head on over to those lovely other bloggies I’ll leave you with a quick snap of me with the uber rad , coffee drinking , butterlapping , picture taking Meli!
eva lu{ image courtesy bike&thecity/Meligrosa}


Loving The Daylight

Have you noticed those lovely little links sitting pretty over there on the right? —–>

Well they are there for a reason , they are links to sites that inspire me beyond belief. There is one in particular that always picks me up no matter how crumby my mood is or how run down I am. And of course it would belong to one of the most inspirational and kind hearted ladies I’ve come across during this journey of life. I’m talking about  The Daylight written/curated by the lovely and talented Miss Laura.

With her feet firmly planted in art history and her head perfectly perched in the world of interior design – Laura’s blog is a mash up of fine art & amazing interior suggestions/inspirations. Her aesthetic is clean , bright and funky. She’ll dig up the most interesting textures and pair them with fabulously bold and unexpected colors.

I love seeing those little tweet alerts saying she’s got a new post up because I know I’m in store for a treat. I am especially fond of her posts that include sun drenched shades of citrus and turquoise {which she just so happens to look fabulous in!} because those colors instantly set my eyes a dancin and my mind a tinkering!

Now don’t be fooled – she is no novice when it comes to art history. With a degree in the subject {plus a recent ID degree} her commentary is just as beautiful and well crafted as the works of art and fine furniture she posts about. So head on over to The Daylight , grab a cup of tea and prepare to spend some time oogling over beautiful art and home decor.

And since she’s my friend and we were pseudo neighbors we got to ride bikes around town over the summer. On one ride I managed to get a snap of her and the general consensus is that it’s the quintessential so cal lifestyle shot. sandals , wavy sun-kissed hair , beach cruising on a shaded suburban street …

As I type she’s on a trek from sunny socal up to rainy Seattle to start a new chapter of her life and start her career in the world of interior design. She has lots of fun plans for her blog {and her future!} … so I’d highly recommend adding her to your reader or bookmarks or following her on twitter!



Just in time for the holidays the lovelies from Copenhagen Cycle Chic have released THE CYCLE CHIC 2011 CALENDAR

Cycle Chic Calendar 2011

I love how in a city where the bike lanes are so dense with cyclists – Mikael is able to capture moments of peaceful isolation.

The following are some of my favorite months …
Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011

I blushed when Mr. Cycle Chic asked me to be Miss April .. well not like Miss April {insert cat-call here} but the image for the month of April. It further validated my belief that the Tour de Chic was the best experience of my life!

Cycle Chic Calendar 2011

So head on over to CYCLE CHIC on LuLu to get your copy. It’s a lot better then looking at iCalendar or that crummy pixelated planner on your smartphone ;-)

A 1975 2002 BMW named Gumby

1975 2002 BMW ____frontview

So here it is .. my new little 4 wheeled love .. it’s name is Gumby

{ At first I called it Fern , assuming it was a girl car. After careful consideration I came to conclusion that it’s asexual }

So far Gumby has been a blast to putt around in. Now don’t get me wrong , I LOVE my bikes and I LOVE riding them – but – in SoCal {especially Orange County} it’s nice to have a car. I figured if I had to be driving I want to be driving a car that is quirky , charming and fun! You can call me lazy for not making the 45+ mile commute to work each day :-P

I managed to snap a few quick glamour shots of Gumby this afternoon


1975 2002 BMW ___sideview

1975 2002 BMW ____dashboard

1975 2002 BMW ____inside

vintage driving accessories

P.S. I’m not giving up on bike , in fact I finally got my new one today! I spent all lunch building it up and she’s ready to roll. Stay tuned for pics&post about my new two wheel companion ……

Momentum x Flying Pigeon Ride LA

Last night some friends and I made the trek from Orange County up to lovely Los Angeles to meet up with the fantastic folks from Momentum Magazine for social group ride.

We met at Flying Pigeon and mingled a bit while we waited for the Momentum crew to make their way through the infamous LA traffic


As always there was the requisite groupie picture taking moments. Miss Mia of Momentum on the left & Miss Crystal [curator of fine bikes] on the right


After everyone got their lights set up , saddle heights dailed in , and warm coats on we were off!
Momentum_Ride_LA04LA overpass – one of many we crossed that night


We also made a smelly yet scenic stop at the LA Confluence. I had never been  there before and had a blast scaling the steep retaining walls to get a better view of the Arroyo Seco & LA River


On our way back towards Figueroa the group made a pit stop at Good Girl dinette . We had already eaten so we opted out on the Vietnamese goodies inside. Instead we rode a bit more then turned in the night


It was such a pleasure getting to ride with Mia & the Momentum crew! If you are in the San Diego area they will be doing a similar ride tonight. Click Here for info.



It’s finally here! cicLAvia is happening today in LA and I could not be more excited! Some friends and I are headed up there for a full day of cycling  and socializing. I’ve heard that there will be some amazing food along the 7.5 mile route!!!

I get to try out a new bike today too [a Cafe 8 deluxe] – so I feel like I should dress up a little to match this classy green beauty

Luckily I came across a super cute skirt and a pair of peach colored satin pumps at the charity shop yesterday. The skirt is a little too big to wear at the hips so I’m trying it out as a dress instead.
cycle chic sunday outfit

I paired it with some lacey bike inspired undershorts from H&M , defined the waist line with a vintage blue belt, added a light weight yellow cardigan, and topped it all off with my favorite HEM “DEN” bag
lacey shorts

belt detail


I feel fun & fancy and ready to hit the streets of cicLAvia in style!

If you are headed out there keep a look out for my peachy colored pumps & a pretty green bike!


Tour de Chic {Stage 8} Last day in Copenhagen

The remainder of my final day in Copenhagen was spent being chauffeured around in M C-A’s iconic red Bullit bike.

VIP courier service

Naturally we headed straight to the birthplace of the Bullit bike, Larry vs. Harry. I remember the first time I saw one of these bikes on the Cycle Chic blog .. it was at the beginning of my fascination with cargo bikes and I loved all the fantastic themes given to the different models {in particular the “little boy” and the “clockwork” }

Larry vs. Harry

The inside of the shop was very simple ; a few bikes on display , some hanging on the wall {like the one below} , a map of Europe on the wall and just enough space for a very tall man with a very small macbook {at least small in comparison} While we were sitting around chewing the fat a very enthusiastic British woman stopped by for a peek around. She had never seen a cargo bike and was absolutely amazed with the design of the Bullit bikes. It reminded me of my initial reaction when I first saw them – it was nice to see someone else feel the same way

Larry Vs. Harry

After bidding farewell to Harry we headed back towards Istegade to have a quick bike to eat before I boarded the train back to Germany

view from the bullit
view from the bullit

At one point we made a game of zapping helmets off of cyclists as they passed by.

*Disclaimer* No cyclists were hurt in the following image


Sadly the day came to an end too quickly and I found myself back at the train station. Luckily there were lots of pretty bikes to look at and a nice set of steps to sit on across the street from the Tivoli.

central station parking lot

I have this funny thing when I’m traveling about being on time {Ok, i’ll be honest it’s not just when I’m traveling} However I’m also an explorer and probably too active and curious for my own good. Somehow , subconsciously , I schedule my days with a built in 20 minute grace period so I can stop and smell the roses. Even if I have no where in particular to go or nothing to see I still like to have the option of a few extra minutes just in case I pass something cool or want to stop to take some snaps. Luckily I really wanted to sit and study the commuting population of Copenhagen , particularly those taking their bikes on the train. I think it deserves a post of it’s own {which will follow at a later date}

bike n train

I also had lots of time to sit and jot down some notes on my experience in Copenhagen and ideas for the future


As the train approached the Baltic Sea I bid farewell to Denmark

leaving Denmark by train

I had never taken a train on a barge – which is what the route called for – I was surprised when I heard the announcement that we all had to vacate the train and head for the upper decks of the ship! For a second I thought the red wine from the night before had crept back up into my head! The train did in fact go onto the barge and I made my way up a narrow stair case to a table at the very front of the ship.

im on a boat!

I anticipated rain upon my arrival in Germany , and I was right. I arrived in Oldenburg around midnight and was greeted at the train station by my friend.

As much as I wanted to sleep that night – I sat and stared at the ceiling , wondering if this trip was reality. In my sleep deprived , go-go-go state of mind it all seemed like a dream….

Garden of Good & Eva

While preparing my makeup bag for my upcoming eurotrip I noticed I was finally out of my favorite perfume. I’m a long term relationship kind of girl and as far as I’m concerned  Anna Sui “Classic” has been my go-to fragrance since sophomore year of high school! However …. when I went to restock on Benefit BadGal Lash something caught my eye …

Benefits latest fragrance line, with cute girly names, includes one named “Garden of Good & Eva”. Now I didn’t just buy it for the name. The scent is light and fresh , the packaging is fun and creative , and the price ($36) is easy on the piggy bank.

The following little details were printed on the packaging …

come away with eva
breeze down a lush lane

she’s the fresh rush of splendor
you can’t quite explain.

so vividly vibrant
with a carefree demeanor

she whirls off to a place
“where grasses are greener.”

The other fragrances in the line are ;

laugh with me Lee Lee

lookin’ to rock Rita

so hooked on Carmella

something about Sophia

my place or yours Gina


Beach Weather

beach weather

Lately it’s been hot hot hot here in So Cal … 80 , 90 even 100 in some places {yikes!}

Luckily I live by the coast where the temps have been hovering in the 80 degree range – making it tolerable {at least in my opinion}

Although the heat has many upsides {inspiration to eat ice cream , drink lemonade , & have bbq’s}, the downside  is that it usually leads to some strong winds as the day progresses. What was a helpful hand on the southbound journey – turned into a heck of a battle heading northbound back home. {Note the roadie style water bottle – crucial for staying hydrated in the heat and nasty wind}

cut out dress & brown shoes

Part of me wishes the heat would go away so I can resume packing {sensibly} for my upcoming Euro trip … because it’s a bit difficult packing a bag full of fall clothes when it’s blistering hot outside while part of me wishes it would stay through October.

Wishful thinking either way…

P.S. notice those nifty little ‘share’ buttons at the bottom of this post? I think WordPress just stepped up their game! yay!


Sportsgirl Givaway!

As promised {although slightly delayed} here are the details for my first ever giveaway featuring lovely goodies from Australian retailer Sportsgirl.

The goods up for grabs …

{ pink pocket mirror / le tour Eiffel + bow necklace / mod-girl stripped button earrings}

SportsGirl Giveaway

{ comfy cozy Royal Blue knit eternity scarf / metal link n ribbon bracelet }

SportsGirl Giveaway

Entering the contest is easy as 1..2..3..

1. Visit

2. Find something you think would be both fashionable and functional for riding bikes in

3. Post the link here as a comment with an explanation of why you picked it

**to better your chances you can tweet me [email protected]_lu_} the link and you’ll be entered twice! **


Be sure to leave your email in the comment field so I can contact you!

I will pick the winner {the old fashion name-out-of-a-hat way} Monday August 3oth.

{**Please note that this contest is open to US residence only**}

Happy Monday & good luck!


Cucina Alessà

Cucina Alessa

the bf & I rode down to Cucina Alessa for brunch today. Situated on the corner of 6th/Main street Cucina Alessa is just about the most authentic Italian restaurant I have come across {outside of Italy}. The brunch menu was filled with mouthwatering options {for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike} There were so many options so we decided to start off with two sweet and mild cups of coffee.


The mister ordered the Florentina {poached eggs , sauteed spinach on baguette topped with garlic creme sauce}


and I ordered the “illegal” french toast
{thick slices of french bread , dipped in vanilla and cinnamon , grilled and topped with bananas and strawberries marscapone and toasted almonds}


The portions were quite manageable {unlike most restaurants around these parts} and the prices did not break the bank. They appear to have a really great happy hour which I might have to go back to try!

If you are in the OC area you have to give them a try. They have two {great} locations ; one on Main St in Huntington Beach & one on PCH in Newport Beach.