Huff and Puffers – International Bicycle Touring Club

Huff & Puffers

Last night at our weekly $2-off-WholeFoods-salad-bar-dinner-party meet-up my dear friend Meredith gifted me with this hilarious ( and appropriate )  patch. We all had a good laugh over it but then quickly began to wonder if this club still exists. I haven’t been able to find any evidence so I’m putting the call out to you guys!

Anyone know of this club , if it exists , where it’s based out of , who started it??


Back on the Bike

About 6 months ago my mister injured his back. Now being elite athlete status we all figured he’d bounce back within a few weeks. We were wrong. Turns out what we thought were harmless disc bulges turned out to be much much more.  After 6 months of PT , deep tissue massages , and check up after check up – he was able to get on his bike and take a light spin.

back on the bike

Unless you or someone you love / have lived with has ever had a back injury you might not understand the joy a moment like this brings into your life. For both of us it was such an uplifting experience. For my man it means he can get back on track to pursuing his dreams of National championships and a possible shot at London in 2012. For me it means that our social life has returned and that bike dates are back!

lunchtime bike date !

Today was such a good day. The best in a long long time. xo


I’m still on break from my blog – but if you are interested in keeping up with what I’m up to on the interwebs I suggest you check me out on Pintrest. During this whirlwind time of my life the year  Pintrest was just the thing I needed to keep my inspiration documented and sorted. It’s like a well designed and user friendly tumblr { plus it’s linked to real life people – who give’a'damn about what they post! } and credit is always posted where credit is due!

My presence is meager at the moment – but there are many seasoned vets { OhJoy! & SFgirlbybay } who have immaculately curated boards.



About the Weather

Brunch on bikes

I swore to myself that the day I started talking about the weather I’d stop talking. Well that’s a bit extreme but it did get me thinking about the whole point of this blog and blogging in general.

When I think about the start of this blog {err back in 08?!} I used it primarily to keep in touch with my friends and family while I was living abroad. It eventually evolved into a little space for me to exhibit and explore my interests in both fashion and bicycles. It’s been a great instrument in forming friendships with other people I may have never known existed. And for that reason I love the blogosphere. What I don’t like is that I have lost interest in what I’ve been blogging about over the past year.

Why am I saying all this?  The truth is that keeping up with a blog is a lot more work then I anticipated. It is so much fun and a great creative release. At the moment I just can’t make the time for it as I have in the past. As I get older I find that I’m applying the “quality over quantity” mantra to more aspect of my life then just shoes. I don’t want to be feeding you all bread when there’s fillet mignon on the way. So although I won’t be posting as often I hope to be posting more meaningful and insightful things.

In the mean time I’m quite keen on twitter and you can join in on the fun there if you wish. Also there will be more action happening at , which is pretty exciting. If you’re a fan of the visual aspect of my blog you can always visit me on Flickr.




Bike Love : Anthropologie Frangrance

Bike love at anthropologieOK – so I lied just a little bit when I said I took a blogging break .. I can never fully turn it off. I’m always on the hunt for cutesie bike-inspired tidbits and this fragrance set from Anthrolopogie was just too cute!

How is it possible that out of the 5 different scents that the bikey one would also include two of my favorite scents – tuberose and bergamont! I think I know where I’m going when my Garden of Good & Eva runs out!

More info on the fragrance is here.



what does this have to do with bikes? nothing

why am i posting it? because it’s raining … and I’ve been ill all weekend … lying on the sofa watching netflix

Monday morning – if you’re reading this , please please please take it easy on me


lust for light

Winter is finally settling into my bones … my chilly chattering little bones. I can not bring myself to post a picture of my bundled up self {mostly because those of you who live in *real* weather would scoff at my “winter attire”} Instead I will continue to live vicariously through the cache of summertime images from my arsenal & those found in the endless sea of flickr …

in the summertime the shorts get shorter & the shoes get taller

oh haiiiiiy!{via Miss Marleigh}

you can roll aimlessly around town in a simple dress and sandals

Bike Buddies{via Simply Bike}

you can sit on the rooftop {have a few} and take silly pictures with your girlfriends

chispBarBrincan{via il_ugi flickr}


then after a while you just lay on the grass and pass the eff out for a bit

Hanne in the grass{via FILMY}

and the bike paths are empty cause the suits are all at work

Jordan{via FILMY}

and you can surf all day … everyday … day after day

the blues

… that is until Winter comes around again


Jump for Joy

You’re never too old for a good old fashion jumping picture! It has got to be by far my favorite kind of group picture. Its spontaneous , silly & the results are unpredictable. Luckily I have wonderful “sisters” to share the holiday spirit with!

Let the Holiday season begin!



Just in time for the holidays the lovelies from Copenhagen Cycle Chic have released THE CYCLE CHIC 2011 CALENDAR

Cycle Chic Calendar 2011

I love how in a city where the bike lanes are so dense with cyclists – Mikael is able to capture moments of peaceful isolation.

The following are some of my favorite months …
Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011Cycle Chic Calendar 2011

I blushed when Mr. Cycle Chic asked me to be Miss April .. well not like Miss April {insert cat-call here} but the image for the month of April. It further validated my belief that the Tour de Chic was the best experience of my life!

Cycle Chic Calendar 2011

So head on over to CYCLE CHIC on LuLu to get your copy. It’s a lot better then looking at iCalendar or that crummy pixelated planner on your smartphone ;-)

From 2 wheels to 4 wheels , My experience on the Nürburgring

GP course of the Nurburgring

What an ironic turn of events my Tour de Chic took when I arrived back in Germany. When it comes to taking chances, I feel like I’m pretty open. And after spending the past week traveling solo – I had built up a little more confidence in my decision making skills. Now, I’m not claiming to be “Eva Knievel” but what I experienced on the Nürburgring was pretty exhilarating and probably the closest thing I’ll have to a “Knieval” experience.  Just a lil’ disclaimer the following post has nothing to do with bikes {sorry!} .. but it is pretty freaking awesome and I’m hoping that some of you will enjoy it!

When my German friends told me that my euro trip conveniently lined up with their annual trip to the Nürburgring I got excited. When they told me that I had the option of riding in their vintage cars on the actual ring , I was ecstatic. OK , ok – I was a little scared , but also realized that this was quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity , so I gladly accepted.

I was relieved to hear that they would be towing the cars on trailers for the 5+ hour southbound drive. The first time I went to the ‘ring’ back in ’08 the bf & I drove down separately in our beloved Peugeot wagon while our friends drove in their vintage beauties. The drive down was lovely … the drive back however was plagued with rain and cold. Needless to say I was happy knowing that I would be sitting pretty in a fully enclosed vehicle in the [likely] event of rain!
Bently on the trailerBently on the trailerWe arrived with time to take the cars out for a spin on the GP course. I was ready and raring to go! woo hoo let me at em! Just kidding! There was no way I’d be driving one of those machines!

"Driving"I spent most of the weekend riding around in the 1933 Talbot pictured below. I’m no car expert – but I do know that this car is a true beauty and quite quick!

Getting ready to rideI also got to take a few [mind numbingly quick] laps on the long course in this 1925 Bentley.

vrooomI left the driving up to my trusted [and well trained] friends.  We rolled out onto the GP course right as a light rain shower started. Surprisingly I was not as nervous as I thought I would be and had an absolute BLAST on the first lap!

Driving the Talbot
Dash of the TalbotAfter taking a few laps on the GP course I felt more at ease about the whole idea of racing in vintage autos. So I accepted the invitation to take a few laps in the Bently on the long course the next day. After a familiar breakfast of bread , nutella & coffee I was ready to go

nutella , roll , coffee , perfectionWithin the first few meters on the long course I knew I was in for a completely different experience then that on the GP course the day before. The Bentley was fast. Ok fast doesn’t do a justice to it’s speed. On the straightaways I felt like my stomach was balled up in my throat and my big ol’ helmeted head was stuck to the headrest. The following snap was just about all I saw for the first lap…

dash of the BentlyAfter the initial fright was gone I courageously sat more upright and actually enjoyed the view and experience I was having

Nurburgring Long CourseBy the last lap I was considerably more at ease and even tried to capture a portrait of my pilot zipping along in the rear view mirror.

behind the wheelAfter we were finished with our laps I stood on the side of the course and snapped a few shots of the other cars on the track

Talbot on the long course

I could write so much more about my weekend at the Nürburgring , but this is not a vintage car blog and I feel the need to return to my 2 wheeled roots. I know I’ve been off the back posting here but it’s been for good reasons which will be announced on this Monday.

I’m happy to be home from my Tour de Chic and holiday at the Nürburgring. I’m going to try my hand at a few different posting styles for the next few weeks. Hopefully they’ll be exciting and you’ll enjoy them!