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Last night at our weekly $2-off-WholeFoods-salad-bar-dinner-party meet-up my dear friend Meredith gifted me with this hilarious ( and appropriate )  patch. We all had a good laugh over it but then quickly began to wonder if this club still exists. I haven’t been able to find any evidence so I’m putting the call out to you guys!

Anyone know of this club , if it exists , where it’s based out of , who started it??


My uncle is currently on a yoga retreat in India. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind snapping a pic or two of bikes while he was there. I was delighted when an email popped up in my inbox containing the following image

The body of his email contained the following note  (which made me laugh since we’ve had lengthy discussions on the topic of “cycle chic” )

I put my pants and boots on for Cycle Chic.  Sorry my  tut tut driver, Sahil lacks a steady hand. ”

I would love to make it to India one day. I’m not sure how my senses would react to all of the colors & aromas – but I have a feeling I’d enjoy it!

Has anyone else been to India? Notice any neat old bikes ? I’d love to know!

After spending a better part of my Monday driving from SF to OC my partner in crime and I decided to stretch our legs , sun our faces and nibble’n'nosh our way around lalaland. With bikes in tow we cruised the boardwalk from Venice to Santa Monica. Took a consumerlicious stroll down Abbot Kinney. Navigated the tangled mess of freeways and surface streets up to Silverlake {to sip on delish lattes at intelligentsia} & finally ending the day at the ramen house of all ramen houses, Daikokuya , in Korea Town

{ Venice bike path }

Venice boardwalk

{ Delightfully decadent shopping on Abbot Kinney }

Vintage goods on abbot kinney blvd

{ jittery feet waiting in line at Intelligentsia for lattes }

Fancy feet at intelligencia

{ mmMMmmmMMM ramen from Daikokuya }


It was an amazing day and quite possibly the most perfect way to wind down 2010. Thanks to my LA locs for showing us around and making it a most memorable experience! I hope to get a chance to steal away more often this year.


waaaaaaaaay back in November I headed up north to my home turf to check out the SF Bike Expo. It was exciting for a few different reasons ;
1. Got to see mi familia
2. Got to road trip it with some out-of-towners
3. Finally (!!!) got a chance to meet all the lovely and inspirational bay area bikey blogging babes!

There are a few really nice event wrap ups and posts on Bikes and the City , CYLRAB and SacCycleChic.
{since I was on business I didn’t really run amok snapping pictures}

before you head on over to those lovely other bloggies I’ll leave you with a quick snap of me with the uber rad , coffee drinking , butterlapping , picture taking Meli!
eva lu{ image courtesy bike&thecity/Meligrosa}


GP course of the Nurburgring

What an ironic turn of events my Tour de Chic took when I arrived back in Germany. When it comes to taking chances, I feel like I’m pretty open. And after spending the past week traveling solo – I had built up a little more confidence in my decision making skills. Now, I’m not claiming to be “Eva Knievel” but what I experienced on the Nürburgring was pretty exhilarating and probably the closest thing I’ll have to a “Knieval” experience.  Just a lil’ disclaimer the following post has nothing to do with bikes {sorry!} .. but it is pretty freaking awesome and I’m hoping that some of you will enjoy it!

When my German friends told me that my euro trip conveniently lined up with their annual trip to the Nürburgring I got excited. When they told me that I had the option of riding in their vintage cars on the actual ring , I was ecstatic. OK , ok – I was a little scared , but also realized that this was quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity , so I gladly accepted.

I was relieved to hear that they would be towing the cars on trailers for the 5+ hour southbound drive. The first time I went to the ‘ring’ back in ’08 the bf & I drove down separately in our beloved Peugeot wagon while our friends drove in their vintage beauties. The drive down was lovely … the drive back however was plagued with rain and cold. Needless to say I was happy knowing that I would be sitting pretty in a fully enclosed vehicle in the [likely] event of rain!
Bently on the trailerBently on the trailerWe arrived with time to take the cars out for a spin on the GP course. I was ready and raring to go! woo hoo let me at em! Just kidding! There was no way I’d be driving one of those machines!

"Driving"I spent most of the weekend riding around in the 1933 Talbot pictured below. I’m no car expert – but I do know that this car is a true beauty and quite quick!

Getting ready to rideI also got to take a few [mind numbingly quick] laps on the long course in this 1925 Bentley.

vrooomI left the driving up to my trusted [and well trained] friends.  We rolled out onto the GP course right as a light rain shower started. Surprisingly I was not as nervous as I thought I would be and had an absolute BLAST on the first lap!

Driving the Talbot
Dash of the TalbotAfter taking a few laps on the GP course I felt more at ease about the whole idea of racing in vintage autos. So I accepted the invitation to take a few laps in the Bently on the long course the next day. After a familiar breakfast of bread , nutella & coffee I was ready to go

nutella , roll , coffee , perfectionWithin the first few meters on the long course I knew I was in for a completely different experience then that on the GP course the day before. The Bentley was fast. Ok fast doesn’t do a justice to it’s speed. On the straightaways I felt like my stomach was balled up in my throat and my big ol’ helmeted head was stuck to the headrest. The following snap was just about all I saw for the first lap…

dash of the BentlyAfter the initial fright was gone I courageously sat more upright and actually enjoyed the view and experience I was having

Nurburgring Long CourseBy the last lap I was considerably more at ease and even tried to capture a portrait of my pilot zipping along in the rear view mirror.

behind the wheelAfter we were finished with our laps I stood on the side of the course and snapped a few shots of the other cars on the track

Talbot on the long course

I could write so much more about my weekend at the Nürburgring , but this is not a vintage car blog and I feel the need to return to my 2 wheeled roots. I know I’ve been off the back posting here but it’s been for good reasons which will be announced on this Monday.

I’m happy to be home from my Tour de Chic and holiday at the Nürburgring. I’m going to try my hand at a few different posting styles for the next few weeks. Hopefully they’ll be exciting and you’ll enjoy them!


The remainder of my final day in Copenhagen was spent being chauffeured around in M C-A’s iconic red Bullit bike.

VIP courier service

Naturally we headed straight to the birthplace of the Bullit bike, Larry vs. Harry. I remember the first time I saw one of these bikes on the Cycle Chic blog .. it was at the beginning of my fascination with cargo bikes and I loved all the fantastic themes given to the different models {in particular the “little boy” and the “clockwork” }

Larry vs. Harry

The inside of the shop was very simple ; a few bikes on display , some hanging on the wall {like the one below} , a map of Europe on the wall and just enough space for a very tall man with a very small macbook {at least small in comparison} While we were sitting around chewing the fat a very enthusiastic British woman stopped by for a peek around. She had never seen a cargo bike and was absolutely amazed with the design of the Bullit bikes. It reminded me of my initial reaction when I first saw them – it was nice to see someone else feel the same way

Larry Vs. Harry

After bidding farewell to Harry we headed back towards Istegade to have a quick bike to eat before I boarded the train back to Germany

view from the bullit
view from the bullit

At one point we made a game of zapping helmets off of cyclists as they passed by.

*Disclaimer* No cyclists were hurt in the following image


Sadly the day came to an end too quickly and I found myself back at the train station. Luckily there were lots of pretty bikes to look at and a nice set of steps to sit on across the street from the Tivoli.

central station parking lot

I have this funny thing when I’m traveling about being on time {Ok, i’ll be honest it’s not just when I’m traveling} However I’m also an explorer and probably too active and curious for my own good. Somehow , subconsciously , I schedule my days with a built in 20 minute grace period so I can stop and smell the roses. Even if I have no where in particular to go or nothing to see I still like to have the option of a few extra minutes just in case I pass something cool or want to stop to take some snaps. Luckily I really wanted to sit and study the commuting population of Copenhagen , particularly those taking their bikes on the train. I think it deserves a post of it’s own {which will follow at a later date}

bike n train

I also had lots of time to sit and jot down some notes on my experience in Copenhagen and ideas for the future


As the train approached the Baltic Sea I bid farewell to Denmark

leaving Denmark by train

I had never taken a train on a barge – which is what the route called for – I was surprised when I heard the announcement that we all had to vacate the train and head for the upper decks of the ship! For a second I thought the red wine from the night before had crept back up into my head! The train did in fact go onto the barge and I made my way up a narrow stair case to a table at the very front of the ship.

im on a boat!

I anticipated rain upon my arrival in Germany , and I was right. I arrived in Oldenburg around midnight and was greeted at the train station by my friend.

As much as I wanted to sleep that night – I sat and stared at the ceiling , wondering if this trip was reality. In my sleep deprived , go-go-go state of mind it all seemed like a dream….

My final day in Copenhagen may have also been my favorite day in Copenhagen. I awoke to yet another sunny morning , packed up my bags , and hopped on my rental bike for the last time that trip. The lovely guys over at Baisikeli Bike Rental – CPH had offered to give me a tour of their warehouse , which I of course accepted.

The initial plan was to ride bikes out to the warehouse {approx 45 minutes outside of town} However that morning a ripping wind had taken over the streets of Copenhagen and Baisikeli had {conveniently} scheduled a delivery of bikes to the warehouse. Oh how the stars aligned for me {as the red wine from the night before somehow made it’s way down into my legs ;-) } On the way over I had a lovely conversation with Henrick {co founder of Baisikeli } about the details of their project. Side note – When I was in high school I was a Model UN geek – so the topic of creating business and industries in lesser developed nations holds a place in my heart.

So you are probably thinking what exactly is Baisikeli? Well according to their website

“Baisikeli is a story about creating development through business. Baisikeli is a fast growing company in the business of renting and producing bicycles with a social-economic mindset that will lead to many improved lives in Tanzania and Sierra Leone. Not through philantrophy but through innovative business thinking.”

I don’t know if I can do a justice to explain the idea and details of this project, but I will try….

In a nut shell they are a self sustaining social enterprise that functions in two parts. The first part is a bicycle rental program that purchases abandoned bicycles {as there are thousands each year} and revamps them into rental worthy rides. The goal is to help tourists enjoy an authentic experience in Copenhagen – blend into the urban landscape on a normal bike as opposed to a “typical tourist bike”. Not all the bikes they purchase go into this rental program – which leads us to the second part of their program…

Baisikeli 9

… bikes that are have ran their course in the bike rental and those not needed for rentals are brought to the warehouse

Baisikeli 11

Baisikeli 2

A team of mechanics disassemble the bikes

Baisikeli 6

Baisikeli 3

and pack them up in a container along with other bike parts and components. The containers are then shipped to a handful of second hand bike shops they have established in Tanzania and Sierra Leon.

Baisikeli 1

They rely heavily on the idea of “teaching a man to fish” instead of giving a man a fish. The bike shops employ people within the community , teaching them basic bike mechanic skills and eventually more detailed fabrication skills. The goal being to introduce bike culture first , followed by the creation of bike industry , and eventually leading to local bike manufacturing. Amazing and inspirational idea to say the least.

Now the following image will probably ring a bell among my fellow NPR listeners out there. Diabetes research company Novo Nordisk currently uses Baisikeli’s custom designed cargo bike to distribute insulin to rural villages in Africa. They place cooling systems in the front box on the bike and carry insulin to villages that re not accessible by car.

Baisikeli 14

Baisikeli Co-Founder and my tour guide Henrick pulled this gem of a folding bike out of the pile of bikes

I wonder if he realized how well his kit matched the bike’s paint scheme …

Baisikeli 12

While the guys unloaded the van I explored their  office/warehouse a little more

Here is what I saw ….

Baisikeli 15

Baisikeli 4

Another pillar of their company is to up-cycle and re-purpose items destine for the landfill. With the help of a gal by the name of Emma , they re work old bike tubes , leather remnants , and fabric into an assortment of bike accessories.

Baisikeli 7
Baisikeli 8
Baisikeli 10

It’s only fitting that they provided a steed of bikes for the Velo City Global conference this past summer in Copenhagen

Baisikeli 18

Baisikeli 17
Baisikeli 16

Eventually I had to come back into the city {as I had a train to catch that evening} I wish I could have stayed at the warehouse all day digging through the piles of bikes and parts.

I can not thank the wonderful people of Baisikeli , especially Henrick , for making my experience in Copenhagen an amazing one.

Baisikeli 19

To learn more about Baisikeli please visit them on the web

To learn more about Novo Nordisks involvement with Baisikeli click here for a short – yet informative video

To go directly to the bike rental page click here

If you are in Copenhagen go visit them here

Day 2 in Copenhagen started bright and early , as I wanted to get a first hand experience with the morning bicycle ‘traffic’ . Naturally I headed over to Nørrebrogade to see the blue lanes usher in loads of cyclists into the city.

morning rush hour

Within the first few minutes I sighted a rather striking pair of striped stockings…So quintessentially Copenhagen

nice tights

After sitting and watching the sea of bikes I became antsy and had to get back on my bike and explore. I headed across the bridge into Nørrebro and cruised leisurely along the right hand side of the bike lane { bike etiquette 101 – when riding in rush hour bike traffic as a tourist – stick to the right hand side of the bike lane!!!} As I passed a colorful cross section of retail , food , and bike shops I noticed a familiar sight. The iconic yellow wall featured as a bold backdrop in many a Cycle Chic photo…

yellow wall CPH

After spending a few hours tripping around Nørrebro I headed back towards the city center to meet up with Mikael at Kaffe Kalaset {#46 in Copenhagen Cycle Tracks}


From there we headed “into to town”


The weather {contrary to the news reports} forced us to momentarily head for shelter , mostly to protect our precious cameras. Luckily we had arrived at the Round Tower . A entertaining fact that they might not mention on the tourist site… apparently the king at the time was famously lazy and refused to schlep up stairs – so he ordered the tower be built with a spiral ramp so he could be carted to the top by horse drawn carriage. We were not so lucky to have a pair of horses cart us up to the top – so we walked our slightly dampened selves to the top – just in time for the rain to stop


Surprisingly I was not in the mood for shopping – plus the streets were packed – so we headed off to see more iconic Copenhagen sights


The name of this street has escaped me , but it was full of fantastic boutiques , cafes , and vintage shops.


Passed by a charming backyard and stopped to take a peek


In search of a suitable lunch spot we ended up passing by one of the most beautiful scenes in the city , Nyhavn. Mikael explained to me how in the summer months young people come down here on their cargo bikes and sell refreshments and wares to tourists. I definitely would not have minded sitting along the canal , selling snacks , and people watching. I mean, seriously?! So beautiful!

TourdeChic_CPH14Continuing on the hunt for lunch we passed by the European Union building and it’s fabulous floral map of Europe. It reminded me a little of the walls outside the Prada building in Tokyo {although if my memory serves me right, the walls there were mostly moss, but wicked none the less}


Lunch was had and followed by another cup of coffee or in this case a LOVEly latte. I sat and sipped as the sun slowly made it’s way onto our table. One thing I learned is that Copenhagen’rs have an uncanny ability to coordinate their cafe seating , location , and drink order all with the sun. They really so worship that big fire ball – and take every chance they get to sit and bask in it’s warmth.

I <3 CPHAfter coffee I headed back out on my own to check out Islands Brygge. I was still a bit unsure of the weather but things worked out in my favor and made for some fantastic lighting. I rode across Amager Boulevard with several other commuting Copenhagen’rs the took a right to ride along the waters edge.


I was to ride to the pedestrian/bike bridge and take it back towards the train station then onto my hotel. I was so amazed that there was a bridge solely dedicated to pedestrians & cyclists

TourdeChic_CPH21Separate but equal in the best sense of the term. Bikes on the left / Pedestrians on the Right


I headed back to my hotel right as the sun set on the day. It was a perfect day and I enjoyed a quite evening preparing for my last day in Copenhagen…

Stay Tuned …

Copenhagen by train

After 15 hours locked up in a sleeper cabin on the train I was welcomed to Copenhagen by clear blue skies. The anticipation during the last hour of my journey there had my stomach in knots. I guess that’s what Elvis fans feel like when they visit Graceland!

scandinavian shadows

I had made arrangements to meet up with Mr. Cycle Chic , Mikael Colville-Anderson , at the train station for an official welcome to Copenhagen. I wasn’t able to get a picture of the Biomega Mopion bike he arrive on – but you can see a shot of it here.

After I checked into my hotel – we took a lovely walk over to Baisikeli – CPH Bike Rental to find me a bike for my stay. I won’t get into the details of Baisikeli on this post {as there is muuuuuuch to talk about} it will get it’s own post later – and by later I mean soon as I am catching up on blogging for the next two days :-)

Baisikeli Bike Rental

Mikael looking dapper amongst a sea of bikes

Mr. Cycle Chic gets me a bike

With my bike rental {which was free of charge thanks to a wicked thumb wrestling match between Mikael & an owner of Baisikeli , Heinrick} came this lovely lovely tour book.

Filled with local knowledge , witty commentary , and a simple&sexy design  CYCLE TRACKS proved to be a most valuable tool for navigating the bike lanes of Copenhagen. Even if you don’t plan on visiting Copenhagen this would make a great coffee table {or bedside} book. Beware…. it has been known to fill minds with fanciful ideas mostly about what bike culture should be , can be , and most likely will be! It might even inspire you to run out and buy the first pair of stilettos for your morning commute ;-)

Official Copenhagen Cycling Tour Book

After getting all settled with my bicycle – we headed over to the busiest bike street in western world , Norrenbrogade , to see the world renown cycle counter and a new cycling campaign advert….

"spread the good cycling karma"

“Spread Good Cycle Karma” or God cycling Karma? I’ll stick with the former… tehheee

Unfortunately the cycle counter was not functioning that day. Had it been the number clocked would have been in the thousands. The thermometer, however, was functioning …27c ? not so bad for early Fall

Cycle counter... it exists!

Mikael had some work to attend to {contrary to popular belief he doesn’t just sit at cafes sipping lattes snapping pictures of swans in flight all day} so I navigated the bike streets back to my hotel in Vesterbro , made a quick costume change , and headed back out to explore the city.

Since I had only brought a small amount of clothes {with anticipation on supplementing with local goods} I had to get creative with what I had. Now I’m a big fan of wearing slips and I usually remember to pack one on every trip I go on…however it seemed to have slipped my mind on this trip so I had to improvise. Thankfully I had a simple fitted white Tee {H&M} stashed away in my bag. I threw it on under one of my most coveted lace dresses and I was ready to go


Luckily my hotel was on a main vein that heads straight down into the heart of Vesterbro


Within minutes I spotted an iconic vision of Copenhagen bike culture – classic trenchcoat , upright black bike , and killer shoes

efforless in Vesterbro

I spent several hours peddaling aimlessly through the streets and alleys of Vesterbro. I came across some fantastic graffiti – this rising sun piece was one of my favorites …

cool graffiti in Versterbro

Aside from my undying interest in foreign bike culture – I also had a secret agenda to scope the local fashions.

Came across this dress in the window of a small boutique – didn’t buy it , but had a good laugh over the irony of the print…

ironic car dress

That evening I was on my own , so per suggestion of Cycle Tracks and Mr. Cycle Chic – I pedaled over to Bang & Jensen grabbed a window seat and enjoyed the evening commuters pass by {while I feasted on spicy Daal & familiarized myself with my trusted map for the next days adventures

window seat at Bang & Jensen

stay tuned ….

My last day in Amsterdam was lovely. In the morning I made one last trip by bike to Dam square to meet up with Dave , Patrina & Erica. We spent hours wandering the streets and along the canals admiring all the pretty bikes , people , buildings and street art.


I <3 AMS

Being that it was a SUNday {in the more literal sense} there were lots of people out and about enjoying a nice day in the city.

This dad has to be at the top of the cool-dad list. Casually cool while transporting his son – some packages and walking the dog.

Cool Cargo Dad
I spotted this lady a few times throughout the day – it might not be so obvious in this image but she is wearing Silver from head to toe and was sparkling in the sunlight as she rode and walked through the city.
Silver lady

Chic & Basic

chic & basic

Since it was a Sunday {and I love dressing nice on Sundays } I decided to wear my fancy pants DVF wrap dress. There is something so feminine and fun about DVF and it felt nice to have a break from my denim routine.

Sunday best

Patrina was also looking very much the Sunday Chic part. I love how subtle her color palette is and how she matches the small details of her outfit. It could be the Japanese influences she picked up while on holiday in Tokyo .. or just simply that she has great taste! Either way she looked fabulous the entire trip!

The lovely PatrinaWe eventually met up with Marc down in the Redlight district. Patrina wanted to take some pictures of socks for her work and Marc kindly obliged to be a model for her. How much better can this get? WEED socks , on a cool Dutch guy , in the Redlight district?! So cool!

WEED in the redlight districtRedlight in the daylight

As the day wound down I eventually made my way back to Amsterdam Centraal station. I had to make the 7pm train for my over night journey to Copenhagen …

Amsterdam CentraalEnroute to Copenhagen

stay tuned for more updates of Copenhagen and beyond from my Tour de Chic!


oh and p.s. I’ve been trying my best to reply to my comments , I have enjoyed all of them so much! Please don’t hate me if I do not get back to them quickly – I’ll be back on stable internet by Wednesday!


When I arrive at Amsterdam Centraal the sun was shining bright in the middle of the sky and the city was alive with activity.

I had some time to kill before heading to Dam Square to meet up with Dave & Patrina of Portlandize and Marc of Amsterdamize so I took a stroll around the Jordaan looking for some bikey goodness

This is what I found …


It's personal

Now that is what I call bike personalization

it's personal

pretty panniers

Most of the bikes I saw had brightly printed panniers on them. This would make sense seeing as one of my favorite bike accessory company , Basil , is from the Netherlands.

bike by the canal

The first of many iconic bike-by-canal shots I snapped on this trip.

I particularly love the metallic pink color of the bike and the little black spots

My temporary 'hood

The view down the street I rented the flat on.

A word of advice [passed down from Mr. Amsterdamize]

The next time you travel – pass the corny hotel booking websites and head straight to

I was able to find a charming flat for less then a hotel. I will use it for all my travels in the future!

Here is a link to the flat I stayed in … Cozy Flat in the Jordaan

I have stable internet now so stay tuned for more on Amsterdam!


It’s difficult to find the time to post when traveling! Between meeting new people , soaking in the surroundings , takings loads of pictures , and sleeping {when I can} – blogging gets pushed down to the bottom of the list. I really wish the trains had wi-fi. Speaking of trains here are some pics from my journey from Oldenburg to Amsterdam….


I know I said that I was not able to bring my bike on the trains – well I learned that they allow bikes on regional trains, but when you start to cross boarders into different countries it becomes a little more tricky.

D-Bahn to Amsterdam

I had a 1 hour stop between trains when I arrive in Onsabruck. It was misting outside and the air was crisp and refreshing. There was a group of young Dutch boys on my train who were quoting cheese American movies the entire train ride into the Netherlands. They would babble on and on in Dutch then randomly break into a quote from Role Models – in a perfect english accent – then go right back to babbling in Dutch! It was so funny and kept me entertained the entire train ride.

on the train

I also managed to keep myself entertained by writing in my journal and listening to iPod. I love making mixes for specific trips and listening to them non stop. I find it’s a perfect way to keep the memories in my mind long after the trip is done.


Current tunes for this trip :

Peter Bjorn & John // UNKLE  // The Living Sisters // The Limes // Pugh Rogefeldt

cycle way long side the train tracks

There was a cycle path almost the entire way along the train tracks. It was nice to see people being active and enjoying the sunshine – which lasted almost the entire was through the weekend!

I must be off – leaving Amsterdam in an hour for yet another train journey.

Next stop – COPENHAGEN!

All packed up and ready to go!

I had to ditch the idea of bringing my Cafe bike abroad due to travel restrictions on German trains {with bikes}

Sheesh now I will just have to ride all those lovely Dutch and Danish bikes … shucks ;-)

I will try to update as wi-fi permits – it would probably be best to keep an eye out over at my Twitter seeings as it’s much easier to update little tid bits from my mobile.

I have done a fair share of travel , and I feel like preparing for trips becomes easier and easier as time goes on. I’ll part with a few images from the packing process …


mirror snaps

Woke up this morning to bright norther sunlight – and yes, I slept in my dress. Why waste another shirt just to sleep in? I am funny with what I pack – I always consider the longevity of my clothing. I can easily wear this dress in warm weather {as it} , pair it with a sweater and tights {for mild temps} , use it for sleeping , or layer the heck out of it for colddddd times.


My friend had already left for work when I awoke .. but she left me a lovely spread of breakfast yummies….

brotchen mit kase


window silkaffee

Sunflower roll with butter and cheese has to be one of my most favorite breakfasts. Pair that with a warm frothy Nespresso and you have yourself the perfect breakfast. Speaking of Kase check out this beautiful display for the local cheese shop down the street ..
I must be off to the train station – going to Amsterdam!  The station is but a short walk through the city center – so I will get to window shop a bit on the walk there. It has been ages since I’ve traveled by train and I look forward to enjoying the scenery from the window seat.






Frankfurt airportbike in the terminal


hauptbanhof Bremen



The opening stage of the Tour de Chic started off strong. Having packed ahead of schedule I was able to get a full nights rest before embarking on a serious 30,000 ft climb. I was given ample sustenance {pasta , salad, and tiramisu} and hydration {bier} throughout most of the stage. Team director {Wes Anderson} kept me on my toes with the lively narrative of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Towards the end of the first descent {into Frankfurt} I was bonking and in need of some serious relief – enter Don Draper and his band of Mad Men. They carried me along through the headwinds on the flats giving me time to rest and recover for the next big climb {to Bremen}. It was apparent that after the first 2 minutes of the ascent that no one would even come close to me {I had the whole row to myself}. After the final feed {coffee, bitte} it was all down hill from there…Took a victory lap through the streets of Bremen {on the D-Bahn} and was greeted with open arms {and a home cooked meal in Oldenburg}*

Tomorrows stage – Oldenburg —> Amsterdam stay tuned ….

*OK, so that may have been really corny – but I’m working on like 4 hours of sleep and minimal h20 levels … will post something more substantial in the AM*


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