Took a mini blogging/web break over the weekend cause let’s face it – there’s no blog post in the world that can replace lounging poolside with the girls under the hot desert sun.

I may be back to the daily grind but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jonesen for a coconut mojito and a cannonball right about now …

Beach Walk

One of my most favorite things to do on a sleepy morning is to head down the the beach and take a stroll along the ocean front path. I love how peaceful it all is when the air is still and the sun is out. As much as I love cruising along the path by bike it’s nice to really slow things down and enjoy the warm sunshine by foot.

Bike on the sand

Beach WalkBeachscapeJust Relax

I am fortunate to live in such idea weather. I need to say that aloud more often. ‘Cause sometimes I take it for granted.

Play Day

After spending a better part of my Monday driving from SF to OC my partner in crime and I decided to stretch our legs , sun our faces and nibble’n'nosh our way around lalaland. With bikes in tow we cruised the boardwalk from Venice to Santa Monica. Took a consumerlicious stroll down Abbot Kinney. Navigated the tangled mess of freeways and surface streets up to Silverlake {to sip on delish lattes at intelligentsia} & finally ending the day at the ramen house of all ramen houses, Daikokuya , in Korea Town

{ Venice bike path }

Venice boardwalk

{ Delightfully decadent shopping on Abbot Kinney }

Vintage goods on abbot kinney blvd

{ jittery feet waiting in line at Intelligentsia for lattes }

Fancy feet at intelligencia

{ mmMMmmmMMM ramen from Daikokuya }


It was an amazing day and quite possibly the most perfect way to wind down 2010. Thanks to my LA locs for showing us around and making it a most memorable experience! I hope to get a chance to steal away more often this year.


Vintage Bike Style : Jackie O

As a lover of classic vintage style {and bikes!} I thought it would be fun to take some of my most admired images of classic cycling dames and do and show how to re-create their look in today’s world.

To kick things off I thought it would be sensible to highlight one of the most revered American style icons , the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis. As a fellow petite brunette I find that I can draw inspiration from almost every outfit and color she wore. I love how polished and sophisticated she was and the poise and grace she exuded. In the images below {which aren’t mine and I can’t find the darn source} you can see that she carries poise and grace while riding a bike. So without further adieu here is the first VintageBikeStyle:Jackie O

The Inspiration :

To get this look :

**I like to emphasize in buying quality pieces made of quality fabrics. It is especially important for the daily rigors of riding a bike. A tailored pant made of a wool blend will last longer then one made of chintzy polyester or pure cotton. Plus you’ll have the added bonus of a little stretch in the material and water resistance.

Sources: 1. J.Crew Woolen Minnie Pants $108 , 2. Anthropologie “Sophia Shades” $24 , 3. Cleaver Nettle “Morning Fog” sweater $37 , 4. Jack Rogers Sandals , $ebay

Start it Off Write

Pen pals

The start of a new year tends to have a very productive effect on me. Although I’m not one for resolutions – I like to take this time of year to reflect on my mega massive to-do list {a.k.a life}. Towards the top of said list is a line item that reads “write more letters , to more people , more often”. It’s a simple enough goal – yet it still sits there, in squiggly scribbly chicken scratch, in my moleskin. So it’s time to me to brush up on my penmanship and re introduce myself to Miriam Webster and get to gettin’

Now of course I had to find the perfect stationary. Luckily the charming Japanese bookstore down the street is chock full of fantastic paper , envelopes , etc. After weighing in on all the options I settled on the above air mail set and these adorable bicycle paper clips {!!!} …


Bicycle paper clips

So to being motivated … and keeping in touch … and writing/drawing silly things for some awesome people!


Ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year! xo, eva.lu

Can you believe that 2010 is finally coming to a close? I can’t! This year was one of the most eventful and memorable years of my life. When I take a moment to look back I can’t help but realize that this little blog was a catalyst to so many of my experiences. It’s been such a pleasure connecting with folks both near and far. And a super pleasure getting the opportunities to visit those who live farther!

I am eager with anticipation of what 2011 will have in store for me. I don’t like to stand still so moving forward is the only option my dears! I’ve had a lot of time to stew on all of this bloggy stuff and decided that I will continue on through 2011. I have lots of fun things planned for this little corner of the internet along with some projects my man will be helping out on.

So, I hope wherever it is that you’re reading this you are gearing up for {or have already had} an exciting New Years celebration. Hugs and wifi smoochies for everyone!


A Family of Felt’s

What a wonderful feeling to see the looks on my brothers faces when they realized they had all received new bikes for Christmas! Since they are all city boys I figured some fixies would be good so we got em the Brougham in Chrome and Raw. For the youngest one we picked out a black Xcity … till he gets his chops riding in SF he will definitely need more gears and a freewheel. Tree and bikes

These new additions rounded up the rest of the family fleet quite nicely. My mom finally got her new Cafe24 deluxe and my dad has his Speed30. The only thing missing was my Cafe3! There wasn’t enough room on the hitch rack to bring it so I had to leave her at home. Luckily my mom was kind enough to lend me her new bike to take a ride around the quaint town of Half Moon Bay. There are more pictures on my flickr of that ride.
Family of Felts

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Did anyone else get / give a bike? If so what was the reaction?

about the weather

I guess I have nothing to say except with all this rain I wish it would just snow. But that’s not really possible in my coastal locale so I must relinquish all fantasies of a white Christmas and refer back to the only time I’ve ever really been “in snow”…


A early winter wonderland in Northern Germany … about a week and a half of snowy goodness …


driving in the slush, too afraid to ride a bike, but enjoying it none the less. We spent our last fleeting week there building snow men , crunching around the meer in tall boots , thick socks , wrapped in layers upon layers of clothing.IMG_2932

I miss you crunchy fluffy snow …





what does this have to do with bikes? nothing

why am i posting it? because it’s raining … and I’ve been ill all weekend … lying on the sofa watching netflix

Monday morning – if you’re reading this , please please please take it easy on me


Meli & Me

waaaaaaaaay back in November I headed up north to my home turf to check out the SF Bike Expo. It was exciting for a few different reasons ;
1. Got to see mi familia
2. Got to road trip it with some out-of-towners
3. Finally (!!!) got a chance to meet all the lovely and inspirational bay area bikey blogging babes!

There are a few really nice event wrap ups and posts on Bikes and the City , CYLRAB and SacCycleChic.
{since I was on business I didn’t really run amok snapping pictures}

before you head on over to those lovely other bloggies I’ll leave you with a quick snap of me with the uber rad , coffee drinking , butterlapping , picture taking Meli!
eva lu{ image courtesy bike&thecity/Meligrosa}


lust for light

Winter is finally settling into my bones … my chilly chattering little bones. I can not bring myself to post a picture of my bundled up self {mostly because those of you who live in *real* weather would scoff at my “winter attire”} Instead I will continue to live vicariously through the cache of summertime images from my arsenal & those found in the endless sea of flickr …

in the summertime the shorts get shorter & the shoes get taller

oh haiiiiiy!{via Miss Marleigh}

you can roll aimlessly around town in a simple dress and sandals

Bike Buddies{via Simply Bike}

you can sit on the rooftop {have a few} and take silly pictures with your girlfriends

chispBarBrincan{via il_ugi flickr}


then after a while you just lay on the grass and pass the eff out for a bit

Hanne in the grass{via FILMY}

and the bike paths are empty cause the suits are all at work

Jordan{via FILMY}

and you can surf all day … everyday … day after day

the blues

… that is until Winter comes around again


Loving The Daylight

Have you noticed those lovely little links sitting pretty over there on the right? —–>

Well they are there for a reason , they are links to sites that inspire me beyond belief. There is one in particular that always picks me up no matter how crumby my mood is or how run down I am. And of course it would belong to one of the most inspirational and kind hearted ladies I’ve come across during this journey of life. I’m talking about  The Daylight written/curated by the lovely and talented Miss Laura.

With her feet firmly planted in art history and her head perfectly perched in the world of interior design – Laura’s blog is a mash up of fine art & amazing interior suggestions/inspirations. Her aesthetic is clean , bright and funky. She’ll dig up the most interesting textures and pair them with fabulously bold and unexpected colors.

I love seeing those little tweet alerts saying she’s got a new post up because I know I’m in store for a treat. I am especially fond of her posts that include sun drenched shades of citrus and turquoise {which she just so happens to look fabulous in!} because those colors instantly set my eyes a dancin and my mind a tinkering!

Now don’t be fooled – she is no novice when it comes to art history. With a degree in the subject {plus a recent ID degree} her commentary is just as beautiful and well crafted as the works of art and fine furniture she posts about. So head on over to The Daylight , grab a cup of tea and prepare to spend some time oogling over beautiful art and home decor.

And since she’s my friend and we were pseudo neighbors we got to ride bikes around town over the summer. On one ride I managed to get a snap of her and the general consensus is that it’s the quintessential so cal lifestyle shot. sandals , wavy sun-kissed hair , beach cruising on a shaded suburban street …

As I type she’s on a trek from sunny socal up to rainy Seattle to start a new chapter of her life and start her career in the world of interior design. She has lots of fun plans for her blog {and her future!} … so I’d highly recommend adding her to your reader or bookmarks or following her on twitter!