Not all my shoes are chic!

Fancy cycling shoes

I’ve had these babies for some time now and am looking to replace them soon. There are so many makes and models out there and I have such a hard time detaching design/aesthetic from comfort/performance. I’ve tried to rally up a few pairs that I find blend the two principles together…

At the top of my list are the Mavic Zxenon ;

I saw them at Interbike and couldn’t believe how light they were. I’m no weight weenie { the only scale we have in the house if for weighing pasta and flour } but it really is remarkable how amazing of a material carbon fiber is. Weight aside , they look really clean and have simple styling cues.

Next up are the Bont A-two ;

My man uses Bonts for the Road and the Track and swears by them. The last time I tried them on the smallest size was still too big for me. I don’t think I can fork over the skrillaz for the custom fit option .. so until then these might sit on the lust list.

Lastly are the saucy Diadora Speedracer 2 ;

I had a brief affair with them at Interbike , but I think the honeymoon is over. I rarely marry myself to such a bold accent color , especially with my shoes. For some reason I still kind of dig these.

Any cycle geeksters out there have any suggestions for new shoes? I’m definitely leaning toward the Mavic but I’d like to know what else is good…

red , white & blue part deux

Since the weather has heated up considerably [80s+ today!] since the 4th ,I felt that a red white and blue ensemble should be given another go.

I love how bright this thrifted cardigan is. It’s got some really funny discoloration from sitting out in the sun at the flea market for god knows how long. I paired it with some cool Vans E-Streets in red , a pair of [seemly invisible] navy blue St.John cotton shorts, & the bf’s Oakleys.

I really love the color red , but don’t wear it nearly enough. I think I have a hard time finding the right shade.  I guess that’s true for most colors .. mostly because I’m picky as all heck and dissect colors for most of my waking hours!


I feel so inspired by my birthday bike that I’ll probably be basing most of my outfits this summer to tie in with the beautiful sparkly blue paint! Does anyone else feel inspired to ‘match’ their bike or am I the only one?!


Heavens to Betsey!

Heavens to Betsey!

I have somewhat of a love affair with the lovely creations of Betsey Johnson. I’d like to think that it is genetic , as my mother seems to share the same feelings for the designer.  I just love the quirky colors and mash-up of patterns. Somehow it always works!

Cute clothes aside, it seems like every Betsey Johnson employee I come across are unbelievably NICE! I had the pleasure of chatting with two lovely ladies at the State St. store.

Heavens to Betsey!

Not only did Miss Anastasia [pictures left] help me pick out the CUTEST lavender romper [on sale!] but we chatted about how to ride bikes in dresses and about bringing Cycle Chic Sunday to Santa Barbara! The store manager, Jackie [pictured right] talked me about her experience test riding the Hello Kitty cruiser and how she really wants to get back on the bike. I was so happy to have such a great chat with two of the nicest ladies! They also told me how one of the other sales associate rides her bike to work every day in the frilly and fun BJ dresses. Can you even imagine that?! Sparkly electric blue crinoline speeding down State St on two wheels?! SWOOOOON!!! [ladies if you are reading this, please send pics!!!!!!]

Heavens to Betsey!

The ride back to the hotel was a bit chilly with the setting sun – somehow the electric pink bag kept me warm!

Heavens to Betsey!

The next day we were greeted with bright sunshine and light ocean breezes. It was the perfect day to try out my new romper. When we came across this enormous fig tree Jake had to take a picture. He thinks it’s funny that I’m small .. and takes every opportunity to take pictures of me in front of things that are waaaaay taller then me!

BIG tree / little me

Betsey Romper

If you are in or are planning to visit Santa Barbara , be sure to go by the Betsey Johnson store on State!