In Print

I am so happy to be linked in to such a wonderful industry and have a job where I get to excite people on the idea of riding bikes. This little creative tidbit is just one of the ways I’ve been able to spread the word about the ease and joy of riding bikes….



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P.S. Posting will be sporadic over the next month. As one friend put it I will be clearing up some gigabytes in this mind of mine to help me focus on things I’ve been neglecting…thanks for your understanding and Happy Monday! xo

A Family of Felt’s

What a wonderful feeling to see the looks on my brothers faces when they realized they had all received new bikes for Christmas! Since they are all city boys I figured some fixies would be good so we got em the Brougham in Chrome and Raw. For the youngest one we picked out a black Xcity … till he gets his chops riding in SF he will definitely need more gears and a freewheel. Tree and bikes

These new additions rounded up the rest of the family fleet quite nicely. My mom finally got her new Cafe24 deluxe and my dad has his Speed30. The only thing missing was my Cafe3! There wasn’t enough room on the hitch rack to bring it so I had to leave her at home. Luckily my mom was kind enough to lend me her new bike to take a ride around the quaint town of Half Moon Bay. There are more pictures on my flickr of that ride.
Family of Felts

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Did anyone else get / give a bike? If so what was the reaction?

My new Felt Cafè 3

Enough about Gumby {at least for today} and onto my brand new bike! I’ve been waiting anxiously for it to arrive – and once it did I was over the moon with excitement. As you can see the bright cheery Robin Egg color pays a nice compliment to my bright and bold taste in clothing. She’s a smooth operator and I’m loving that I have the handlebar coffee cup holder back in my life! All she needs is a pretty front basket and I’ll be good to go!

I’m so pleased with the way the bike turned out and am looking forward to rolling around town on it!

New Bike!Tartan plaid panda


It’s finally here! cicLAvia is happening today in LA and I could not be more excited! Some friends and I are headed up there for a full day of cycling  and socializing. I’ve heard that there will be some amazing food along the 7.5 mile route!!!

I get to try out a new bike today too [a Cafe 8 deluxe] – so I feel like I should dress up a little to match this classy green beauty

Luckily I came across a super cute skirt and a pair of peach colored satin pumps at the charity shop yesterday. The skirt is a little too big to wear at the hips so I’m trying it out as a dress instead.
cycle chic sunday outfit

I paired it with some lacey bike inspired undershorts from H&M , defined the waist line with a vintage blue belt, added a light weight yellow cardigan, and topped it all off with my favorite HEM “DEN” bag
lacey shorts

belt detail


I feel fun & fancy and ready to hit the streets of cicLAvia in style!

If you are headed out there keep a look out for my peachy colored pumps & a pretty green bike!


easter ride

When Taryn Lynn showed up with her mint green bike wearing her wooden clogs – i knew it was going to be a good Easter…

We enjoyed brunch @ eatCHOW on 18th street // coffee and conversation @ C’est Si Bon // & a sunny ride around town

I am so looking forward to more of these ‘cycle chic sundays’ .. if you are interested in joining in on a ride fan me on facebook! link —-> evoluer on facebook


lunch ride

took a leisurely pedal up the road to Burger Town with my co workers. It was a pretty funny sight – as we were all on different types of bikes. I opted for a champagne color Cafe 24. It was nice to get out and go on a casual fuss-free ride [no lycra & no Garmin ]. I’ll be heading up to the city by the bay for the weekend and I’m finally taking a bike with me! It will be so much nicer then waiting around for MUNI.


Cafe 3 for Miss T

Miss Taryn Lynn is the proud new owner of a minty green Cafe 3

we took it for a nice trip to Native Foods for some grub // smiles the whole way there :)

best part [aside from all the heads she was turning] is that it fit perfectly in her Mini Cooper!

keep an eye out for these beauties cruising the lovely bike lanes of orange county