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I am so happy to be linked in to such a wonderful industry and have a job where I get to excite people on the idea of riding bikes. This little creative tidbit is just one of the ways I’ve been able to spread the word about the ease and joy of riding bikes….



see the full ad and read some really fantastic articles click here.


P.S. Posting will be sporadic over the next month. As one friend put it I will be clearing up some gigabytes in this mind of mine to help me focus on things I’ve been neglecting…thanks for your understanding and Happy Monday! xo

Momentum x Flying Pigeon Ride LA

Last night some friends and I made the trek from Orange County up to lovely Los Angeles to meet up with the fantastic folks from Momentum Magazine for social group ride.

We met at Flying Pigeon and mingled a bit while we waited for the Momentum crew to make their way through the infamous LA traffic


As always there was the requisite groupie picture taking moments. Miss Mia of Momentum on the left & Miss Crystal [curator of fine bikes] on the right


After everyone got their lights set up , saddle heights dailed in , and warm coats on we were off!
Momentum_Ride_LA04LA overpass – one of many we crossed that night


We also made a smelly yet scenic stop at the LA Confluence. I had never been  there before and had a blast scaling the steep retaining walls to get a better view of the Arroyo Seco & LA River


On our way back towards Figueroa the group made a pit stop at Good Girl dinette . We had already eaten so we opted out on the Vietnamese goodies inside. Instead we rode a bit more then turned in the night


It was such a pleasure getting to ride with Mia & the Momentum crew! If you are in the San Diego area they will be doing a similar ride tonight. Click Here for info.


Bike Style Contest

The people over at Momentum Magazine [click image above for link] are having a ‘Bike Style‘ contest. It sounds like a lot of fun – and a good excuse to play dress up! Anyone want to get together this weekend and take some cycle chic pictures with me?! I have plenty [and i mean plenty] of dresses, shoes , scarves , hats , gloves to play dress up with! Leave me a comment if this sounds fun to you…